A1- Analyzing the Animoto app
Analyzing the Animoto app

SEYS 753:  A1- 2/24/13 Animoto app. http://www.animoto.com/   

    * this app is to create presentations and videos with music 
    * it provides templates for a variety of custom visibility
    * one can narrate with videos, presentation and photo clips
    * can download photos from the web, and other videos
    * edits music

 Any one can use it-for personal, business, educators and students. The main purpose of this application is to liven up your presentations (of any kind). It can utilize photos and turn them into videos. The videos you create can be embedded into blogs, websites, and you-tube. Animoto site is friendly and has some colors. Instructions are easy to follow and easy to install app. One can registrar or use their facebook account to log-in. Teachers must registrar with the educational site (button) to get a code for classroom use, and they must registrar their students using Gmail accounts.

 Animoto works with:

         Firefox, Google chrome, Pc, Macs, Windows, Apple, Safari, and internet explorer

         for it to work on i-gadgets (IOS devices) must install the android app-Google play

         must have cookies, JavaScript, and adobe flash player-10 or greater   

         using Animoto- can catch students attention with the videos and sounds a teacher creates

         easy to use and install

This program offers a downloadable Adobe reader. However one must disconnect their security system in their computer. May not be a good idea; anything can happen. The information one gives in this site is recyclable and lent to a third party. It is important to read all privacy policies. For teachers and students the registration last for 6 months and need to reapply again to get a new educational code to continue using Animoto.

         can incorporate this technology for homework and project assignments.

         can be used as part of lesson plans when teaching embed videos when presenting a concept or topic.

Teachers should keep in mind that this app is not for their entire lesson planning, but it can be used sometimes for educational short clips when presenting lessons.

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