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Wednesday, April 10, 2013- SCONYC

 Science Council of New York City= SCONYC a networking program that embodies the educational system for NYC and State. It is held every year where educators K-12 and educational organization groups come together to relate, discuss and inform about new innovative ways to teach and learn. The SCONYC conference and workshops was held this past Sunday April 6, 2013-at Stuyvesant HS-Manhattan.
Key note speaker Amie Hamlin- Executive Director of NY coalition for healthy foods. She addressed the importance of eating the right foods (plant based), and how it can save the planet 3 times day.

Basically, don't consume junk food--This includes meat and some dairy products-
You can visit the site to learn more- About NY Coalition for Healthy School Food
The exhibits is where you can sign up to get information on new learning materials and possibly get some materials for free. In the afternoon there are workshops and panels. This year the greatest emphasis (for me) was on the topic of  "The Next Generation Science Standards" (NGSS)- a workshop presented by Allen Asher. It focuses on K-12 graders learning "The Nature of Science": It encompasses a framework for teaching and learning, and having a deeper level of the epistemic knowledge of and about the nature of science; to prepare students' future academic achievements, to build strong science-based skills in students, and for students' to become more of an informed citizen(s) in our society.
The NGSS also includes disciplinary core ideas--one being core ideas of engineering and technology, and crosscutting concepts connected to the nature of science learning. The schedule for the final decision to be released this week.

To learn more check out the links below:

Next Generation Science Standards- www.nextgenscience.org

One final thought--this new standard will take 3-5 years to actually know if it will stand or fail. It would be wise for all teachers to start implementing this new standard into their curriculum and teaching.

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