Current Position

From September 1997 to December 2002, I was full-time Assistant Professor of Linguistics in the Department of Linguistics and Communications Disorders at Queens College/CUNY. I became Associate Professor as of January, 1, 2003.  I joined Doctoral Faculty of the Linguistics Program CUNY Graduate School in September 2002.

Educational Background






Teachers College, Columbia University


Applied Linguistics


Teachers College, Columbia University


Applied Linguistics


Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain


Spanish Linguistics


Universitat de Barcelona, Spain


Hispanic Studies


Bates College, Lewiston, Maine



Previous Teaching Positions


Institution and Position

Fall 2005

Departament de Filologia Catalana Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona Bellaterra (Barcelona) Spain

Fulbright Senior Research Fellow


Robert F. Wagner Jr. Institute for the Arts and Technology, an alternative New York Public Secondary School affiliated with New Visions Schools for Public Education. 

Full-time teacher of Spanish and Social Studies, grades 7-12


Department of Multilingual and Multicultural Education, School of Education,New York University.

Adjunct Assistant Professor teaching Language Teaching in the Content- Areas

Fall 1996

Program in TESL, Department of Curriculum and Teaching, Hunter College/CUNY

Adjunct Assistant Professor, teaching Introduction to Linguistics


School of Teaching and Learning,  College of Education, The Ohio State University

Full-time Visiting Assistant Professor teaching graduate courses in applied linguistics, language acquisition, sociolinguistics, and literacy

Fall 1993

Graduate program in TESL and Bilingual Education, Department of Languages and Cultures, William Paterson College of New Jersey

Half-time Assistant Professor teaching Methods, Materials, and Assessment and Structure of English


TESL Certificate Program, Continuing Education Department, Baruch College/CUNY 

Instructor of Structure of Modern English and Phonetics and Phonology


Developmental English Program, English Department, Hunter College/CUNY 

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Developmental Reading


ESL Program, Lehman College/CUNY

Adjunct  Lecturer of Writing and Reading:  low intermediate to freshman composition levels


SEEK Program, Lehman College/CUNY

Language Facilitator (counselor) for ESL students


Department of English, Hunter College/CUNY

Adjunct Lecturer, History of the English Language and Structure of Modern English


Department of Spanish & Portuguese, Columbia University

Teaching Assistant of Spanish: beginning to high intermediate levels


SEEK Summer Immersion Program, Lehman College/CUNY

Adjunct Lecturer of Developmental Reading


Academic Skills Program, Lehman College/ CUNY

Reading Lab Coordinator


Prefreshman Summer Immersion Program, BMCC/CUNY

Adjunct Lecturer of ESL: low intermediate level


American Language Program, Columbia University

Part-time ESL Teacher: low intermediate levels


Language Service, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain

EFL Instructor: all levels



Designs of Academic Literacy: A Multiliteracies Approach to Post-Secondary Achievement Westport, CT: Bergin and Garvey (div. of Greenwood Publishing)


Epicene pronouns: the linguistics of a prescriptive problem.  ‘Outstanding dissertations in linguistics’ series. (Larry Horn, editor)  New York:  Garland

Articles in Peer-Reviewed Journals


Focus and the dialect status of New York Latino English” Journal of Sociolinguistics, 14(2): 207-239.


Diversity of language ideologies in two generations of Spanish-speaking youth of immigrant origin in Catalonia. Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development, 30(6): 509􏰀524. (Mireia Trenchs-Parera as first author)


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“What pronouns can tell us: a case study of epicenes in English,” Studies in Language, 22: 2, 353-390


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“Correctness and its Conceptions” Journal of Basic Writing , 5 #1 (Summer) commissioned article


“Towards an ESL literature” with Mercè Pujol  TESL-EJ , 2.1


“Reading Beyond the Recession” Journal of College Reading 1, 3-10  (Winter)


“Pronominal Disagreements: the stubborn problem of epicene singular antecedents” Language in Society, 21, 241-278 (September)

Chapters in Edited Volumes


“’That’s all concept; it’s nothing real’: Reality and lyrical meaning in rap.” In Global Linguistic Flows, H. Samy Alim and Alastair Pennycook (eds.) Erlbaum. Pp. 195-212.


“Definitions of literacy and their consequences,” in Trudy Smoke, Harriet Luria, Deborah Seymore (Eds.) Language and Linguistics in Conext, Mahwah, NJ: Erlbaum.


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Review of Bill Cope and Mary Kalantzis (Eds) Multiliteracies: Literacy Learning and the Design of Social Futures. London & NY Routledge, 2000. 350 pgs.  Language in Society, 30(2): 281-285

Work in progress

In preparation

Native Asian American English: the recognition and acoustic correlates of Asian American speech. With Angela Wu

Invited submission for contract

New York Englishes, monograph on varieties of English spoken in New York City, for Edinburgh University Press. Currently being reviewed.

Invited Presentations


Sounding Asian.

International Linguistics Association, February 13, Hunter College, NY.


Can you “Sound Asian”?

RISLUS Report. December 4, CUNY Graduate Center, NY.


Las interacciones entre género artístico e ideologías
en un grupo de raperos adolescentes de Nueva York Invited Talk Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona. November 27


Locating Contact effects in New York Latino English, University of California at San Diego. March 20


Spanish contact influence in New York Latino English /l/ State University of New York at Stony Brook. February 27


I don’t need to use a gun; I can use my lyrical tongue: a genre theoretic examination of rap

Colloquium Speaker, Purdue University, Lafayette, IN January 25

Conference and Colloquium Papers


Linguaphobia in Catalonia: the limits of quantifying language attitudes

5th International Workshop on Spanish Sociolinguistics. April 9-10 Raleigh, NC.


Linguistic Paradoxes: The Language Attitudes and Ideologies of Latinos in Catalonia

Hispanic linguistics Symposium.  October, 24 Puerto Rico..


Paradojas Lingüísticas: los latinoamericanos en Cataluña y sus actitudes hacia las lenguas.  (with Mireia Trenchs)

ALFALito: Cuestiones Lingüísticas en Relación con la Diáspora Latinoamericana. New York, September, 25


The (non)Dialect status of New York Latino English

New Ways of Analyzing Variation, Houston, TX November 8


El uso de tú y usted en una situación de contacto de dialectos (with Sebastian Ramírez)

Proyecto de la Diáspora Latina en el Congreso de ALFAL (Asociación de Lingüística y Filología de America Latina) Montevideo, Uruguay August 19


A generation of normalization: the long-term effects on language attitudes in Catalonia. (with Mireia Trenchs and Shuk Han Ng)

Presentation at American Association of Applied Linguistics, Washington, DC March 31


Recognition of Asian American Speech

(Poster, with Kimberly Chan and Meichin Chang) NWAVE Philadelphia October 11-14.


Continuing Changes in Language Attitudes and Ideology in Catalonia

Hispanic Linguistics Symposium San Antonio, Texas, November 1 - 4. (with Mireia Trenchs and Shuk Han Ng)


ESL Teacher Education Standards: Getting Serious

American Association for Applied Linguistics, Costa Mesa, CA (April 24)


Different Ways of Sounding Spanish (in English), New Ways of Analyzing Variation Annual Conference, Columbus, OH (November 9)


Complex contact effects in New York Latino English

Sociolinguistics Symposium 16 Limerick, Ireland (July 9)


Variables consonánticos en el ingles hispano de Nueva York

XIV Congreso Internacional Asociación de Lingüística y Filología de América Latina  Monterrey, Mexico (October 18)


Speakin' 'bein' real': ideology and dialect among Latino Hip-Hoppers Part of Colloquium Hip-Hop Culture, Ethnic Identity, and the Politics of Language Education (Organizer Alastair Pennycook)

14th World Congress of Applied Linguistics Madison, WI (July 20)


The Problem of Evaluating and Applying Knowledge

TESOL San Antonio, TX (with David Hanauer) (


Locating Spanish contact influence in New York Latino English laterals

International Symposium on Bilingualism, Barcelona, March 20.


Peer Group Identification and Variation in New York Latino English /l/

NWAVE, Philadelphia, PA September 12, (with Peter Slomanson)


Nouns and adjectives and verbs as weapons. Identity and ideology in a high school rap crew ‘Multiliteracies: The Contact Zone’, 22-26 September 2003, Ghent, Belgium


Interactions between youth cultural identity and national heritage in New York Latino English(es) Presentation at the International Linguistic Association conference, New York, April 5, New York. (with Peter Slomanson)


Peer-Cultural identity and dialect assimilation in New York Latino English. Linguistic Society of America Annual Meeting


Interactions of Literacy and Culture: implications for practices and policies Colloquium (Co-organized with Nathalie Bailey)


Hip-hop identity and dialect assimilation in New York Latino English —American Association for Applied Linguistics


Not a rap revolution/This is verbal Armageddon: Ideology and identity construction in hip hop—Association International de Linguistique Apliquée Singapore  16 - 21 December 2002


“I represent me”: identity construction in a teenage rap crew Symposium about Language and Society—Austin IX April 12


I don’t need to use a gun; I can use my lyrical tongue: The enforcement of norms in hip-hop AAAL Saint Louis, Missouri February.27 (with Mike Ciulla)


Multimodality of Literacy, Colloquium AAAL Saint Louis, Missouri February 26 . (co-organized with Nathalie Bailey)


Exploring the Boundaries of Literacy, Colloquium AAAL Saint Louis, Missouri March 4 (co-organized with Nathalie Bailey).


Incorporationg student writing into a ESOL basal textbook

TESOL-99,New York, NY (with Janet Hiller)


A crosscultural study of undergraduate academic literacy” TESOL-98, Seattle Washington
(with Mireia Trenchs)


La pragmatica académica en el contexto universitario norteamericano: comparación entre alumnos hispanohablantes y alumnos nativos
IV Congreso Nacional de Lingüística, Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico
(with Mercé Pujol)


Playing catch-up in the development of communicative software
TESOL-97 Orlando, FL.
(with Mercè Pujol)


Noncoreferential and collective anaphoric pronouns: evidence for a situated view of reference
IV Encuentro de Lingüística en el Noroeste, Hermosillo, Mexico.


Where’s the meaning? Covert autonomous texts in ESOL textbooks
Canadian Association of Applied Linguistics Annual Conference, London, Ontario.
(with Mercè Pujol)


Oxymoronic issues in pronouns in discourse: noncoreferential anaphora, collective individuals, and mismatching agreement. Canadian Association of Applied Linguistics Annual Conference, London, Ontario.


Academic literacy games: case studies of four undergraduates

American Educational Research Association Annual Conference, New York, NY. (with Jerome Mescher)


Academic literacy on two continents: the role of community norms
American Association for Applied Linguistics Annual Conference, Chicago, IL. 
(with Mireia Trenchs)


What are we aiming for?  towards an understanding of academic literacy

CUNY Association of Reading Educators Annual Conference, New York, NY.


Hacia un nuevo concepto de  la norma lingüística

III Congreso Nacional de Lingüística de México, Puebla, Mexico.


Invisible culture: seeing the literacies of ESL students  

“Sharing ESOL Successes: East” (Kansas State Department of Education Conference on TESL).  Witchita, KS.
(Invited Speaker)


College reading from the student’s perspective:  case studies of four undergraduates. 

Forum on enthography in education. University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education. Philadelphia, PA.  (with Jerome Mescher)


Treating them like grown-ups:  Children’s literature as a model for the development of adult ESL materials.

City University of New York ESL Conference.  Eugenio Maria de Hostos Community College/CUNY, New York, NY.


Can we use non-language to teach language: a critique of the current state of ESL materials

William Paterson College 14th annual Bilingual/ESL Conference. Wayne, NJ.
(with Mercè Pujol)


Towards a pedagogically and linguistically sound prescription

International Linguistic Association Meeting, Special Session on Language in Education New York, NY.


The meaning of pronoun variation in English
Linguistic Society of America National Convention, Boston, MA.


Pronominal Disagreements: the use of pronouns with epicene singular antecedents

International Linguistic Association Meeting, Washington, DC.


On the Talk Show Circuit with Singular They: the quantitative and qualitative aspects of the use of they with a grammatically singular antecedent on television talk shows

American Association of Applied Linguistics  Convention, New York, NY.


The use of epicene pronouns in English

NYSTESOL  Applied Linguistics Special Interest Section Colloquium, New York, NY.


Stress Patterns and Meaning

TESOL-Spain, Madrid, Spain.



An introduction to the Web for ESL teachers.

NYSTESOL New York City Region One-day Area Mini Conference.  NYU


Research Fair, moderator

NYSTESOL Annual Conference, Buffalo, NY


Un Estudio Intercultural Sobre El Estudio Académico

Taller para profesores: Universidad Autònoma Metropolitana-Iztapalapa


Promoting ESL Teaching and Learning Through the Internet

NYSTESOL New York City Region One-day Area Mini Conference:  The Diversity of Diversity in the Second Language Classroom.  NYU


Navigating the TESL world on line

Summer Session program for Japanese ESL teachers at NYU


Multiple Choice Reading Tests and the Lehman ESL student

Lehman College ESL Program, Bronx, NY

Other Scholarly Work


Biography of Walt Wolfram. The Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics 2nd Edition, Oxford: Elsevier.


Biography of John Swales. The Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics 2nd Edition, Oxford: Elsevier.


Biography of Lesley Milroy. The Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics 2nd Edition, Oxford: Elsevier.


“TESOL Teacher Education Standards: Philosophical and Practical Problems” Idiom, Fall 2005 Issue. p. 10, 21(with David Hanauer)

External Grants


Sociological Initiatives Foundation Language variation in a New York public secondary school $14,500

Fellowships and Awards


PSC-CUNY Award. #61174-00-39 Bilingualism in Barcelona 3700


PSC-CUNY Award. #67749-00-36 Language Attitudes in Barcelona towards Catalan and Spanish.


CUNY Faculty Development Grant for Creation of "Voices of New York," Undergraduate Research Course

Fall 2004

Five month Fulbright Fellowship to study language ideologies of new immigrants in Barcelona


PSC-CUNY Award . # 62624 00 32 Sociolinguistic Variation in a New York City secondary school. $4,000


Associate of the CUNY Research Institute for the Study of Language in Urban Society. Project: Sociolinguistic Variation in a New York City secondary school. $5000


PSC-CUNY Award . # 62664 00 31 Sociolinguistic Variation in a New York City secondary school. $4,000


PSC-CUNY Award The Effects of Metalinguistic Instruction. (with Robert Vago).


NYS-TESOL Special Award for Outstanding Work on the Ad-hoc Committee on Certification to Maintain High Teaching Standards for Pre-K-12 Students throughout the State of New York.

Professional Activities and Service

Member of committee writing Content Specialty Test ESL Teaching Certification for New York State Education Department

Reviewer for TESOL Quarterly

Reviewer for Language, Identity, and Education

Member of Executive Board, New York State TESOL 2005-present

Chair of Curriculum and Standards committee, New York State TESOL 2005-2007

Member of Departmental Graduate Admissions Committee, 2005-Present

Member of Departmental Personnel and Budget Committee, 2005-Present

Member, Queens College Senate Nominations Committee 1999-present

Member of Advisory Panel on Teacher Certification Assessments for TESL for the New York State Education Department 2000-2002

Chair, Applied Linguistics Special Interest Group of NYSTESOL 1998-1999

Co-Chair, Applied Linguistics Special Interest Group of NYSTESOL 1997-1998

Preparation of the Conference Program for the NYSTESOL Annual Conference, Buffalo, NY 1998

Member of the the Ad-hoc Committe on Certification to Maintain High Teaching Standards for Pre-K-12 Students throughout the State of New York, NYSTESOL

Former member of the Curriculum Committee at the Robert F.Wagner Jr.  Institute for the Arts and Technology/ NYC Board of Education.

Former member of Editorial Board of the Journal of College Reading.

Former member of the ad hoc committee for development of new M.A. program in Language, Literacy, and Culture, College of Education, The Ohio State University

Former member of Academic Learning Center Planning Committee, College of Education, The Ohio State University

Former member of the Admissions committee for the M.Ed. program in Reading and Early and Middle Childhood Education in the Program Area in Language, Literacy, and Culture, The Ohio State University

Current research projects

New York Latino English: A variationist study. (data analysis and write-up, some parts already published or presented, eventual monograph)

Race and racial dialects: linguistic differences between Latino- and Black-identified speakers (presentation to be proposed for NWAV 07, article projected for Journal of Sociolinguistics)

Catalan-Spanish bilingualism, language ideologies towards languages and mixing languages

Can New Yorkers identify Asian-American speech? A case of perceptual dialectology (data collected by two undergraduates Kimberly Chan and Mei Chin Chang), analysis jointly with them) for Poster Session at NWAV 07 and article in American Speech

Variable usage of second person t/v forms in mixed dialect groups of Spanish speakers (data collected and initially analyzed by Sebastian Ramírez, QC Undergraduate) for Poster Session at NWAV 07 and article in Language Variation and Change.

Professional Societies


American Association for Applied Linguistics


Spanish, Catalan, French