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Make a list of your favorite sites from the World Wide Web. You can add hyperlinks to other Web Sites, or replace an existing links, by selecting the text and choosing the Hyperlinks command from the Insert menu.

  • http://www.NationalGeographic.com
    • This site is one of the best science oriented sites.  It contains information about so many science concepts.  It is an excellent site for students to visit because it caters to them.
  • Discoverychannel.com
    • This site gives lots of information about programs and topics on the Discovery Channel and then there is lots of information about science and other topics that may interest you.   
  • Webmd.com
    • Do you have a medical question that you need to have answered immediately?  I like to check out Webmd.com in such a situation.  It helps to calm my anxiety when I am uncertain about something or want to just get a simple answer to a nagging medical question.


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