Career Opportunities


Students graduating from our program could obtain jobs or continue their education in masters and PhD programs. Students could continue their education in Masters and Doctoral Programs in the following areas: Child and Family Studies, Marriage and Family Therapy, Human Ecology, Child / Human Development, Social Work, Counseling, Psychology, Sociology, Women’s Studies, Ethnic Studies, Human Resource Management. 


Students graduating from our program are employed in a variety of settings. Below you can see a list of possible career opportunities.


Career Opportunities in Human Development and Family and Consumer Sciences - Employment Settings*


4-H Development
Adoption and Foster Care
Adult Education Centers
Child Protective Services
Civic Groups
Colleges and Universities
Community Action Programs
Community Education/Extension
Community Health Centers
Consumer Credit and Protection
Correctional Facilities
Criminal Justice
Crises Centers

Crisis or Hotline Services
Day Care Centers
Disability Services
Divorce Mediation
Domestic Violence Prevention
Drug/Alcohol Rehab Centers
Early Childhood Family Education
Economic Opportunity
Employee Assistance Programs
Faith Communities
Family Life
Family & Individual Therapy
Fathering Programs
Girl Scouts/Boy/Scouts/Campfire USA
Halfway Houses

Health Care
Health Promotion Organizations
International Agencies
Latch Key Programs
Mental Institutions
Military Family Support
Neighborhood Youth Corporations
Nursing Homes
Parenting Centers
Planned Parenthood
Preschool/Day Care
Project Head Start
Recreation Programs
Religious Organizations
School Dormitories
Schools - Public & Private
Schools for Deaf/Blind
Senior Citizen Programs
Social Welfare Offices
Student Services
Vocational Guidance
Women's Centers
Youth Organizations

* Source: National Council on Family Relations -