Collaborative Number Theory Seminar at the CUNY Graduate Center

Co-organizers: Gautam Chinta, Brooke Feigon, Krzysztof Klosin, Maria Sabitova, Lucien Szpiro.

The seminar currently meets Fridays 3:00 to 4:30 PM in Room 3212. The CUNY Graduate Center is located on Fifth Avenue, on the east side of the street, between 34th and 35th Streets in midtown Manhattan. For further information, please contact Maria Sabitova.

Spring 2017 Schedule:

February 24: Mihran Papikian (Pennsylvania State University)

Title: Graph laplacians and Drinfeld modular curves

Abstract: The relationship between combinatorial laplacians and automorphic
forms is an active area of current research with applications to a variety of problems arising in number theory, group theory, and coding theory. I will discuss certain combinatorial laplacians arising in the theory of Drinfeld modular curves, and their applications to estimating congruences between automorphic forms.

March 3: Joe Kramer-Miller (University College London)

Title: TBA


May 5
: Catherine Hsu (University of Oregon)

Title: TBA


May 19: Tobias Berger (University of Sheffield)

Title: TBA


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