ASL Sponsorship of Logic Meetings

The Association for Symbolic Logic sponsors many logic meetings each year, in all parts of the world. Normal sponsorship entails announcements in the A.S.L. newsletter and in the Bulletin of Symbolic Logic, a post-conference meeting report in the Bulletin of Symbolic Logic, and the eligibility of student members of the A.S.L. to apply for modest student travel awards to attend those meetings. (Such awards characteristically range up to about USD 600 and will cover a portion of the student's expenses but not all.)

If you are organizing a conference relevant to the study of logic and the purpose of the A.S.L., and you are a member of the A.S.L., you can begin the process of applying for A.S.L. sponsorship by contacting Russell Miller, co-Secretary-Treasurer of the A.S.L. (contact information here). Please include a brief description of your conference, including its topics, dates, location, confirmed or proposed speakers, and the conference website if available. Often this is all that is needed; if we require more information, we will ask you for it. Applications should be received at least five months in advance of the beginning of the conference, and the applicant himself/herself must be a member of the A.S.L. It is advisable to cc the ASL Business Office at with your application, to decrease the odds of the email being eaten by a spam filter.