Stephanie's Electronic Portfolio
Stephanie H. Fazio
Biology BS, Siena College
Adolescent Education - Biology MS, Queens College

Welcome to my electronic portfolio!  I will be posting assignments, links and media files associated with science education and technology on this website.  If you would like to contact me about any of the work posted on this site, please send an email to  

Living Environment/Biology Class Activities
Living Environment Laboratory

Electronic Portfolio

Assignment 1 - Review of a web 2.0 application
Assignment 2 - Science Blog
Assignment 3 - Individual website
Assignment 4 - Critical review of an educational technology book
Assignment 5 - Grant Proposal to fund a project that makes innovative use of technology in the classroom
Assignment 6 - Group Project

You Tube Video - Scie
nce Joke-off

Ms. Fazio's Living Environment Webpage
This is a link to my class webpage, where I post class documents, assignments, and helpful science education links for my students.
Brian Murfin's Science Education Site
This is a link to my professor's webpage, where he posts class documents and other science education and technology materials.

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