Shamina Haque
Assignment 1
Name of the Web 2.0 application, Wikidot
1. Short description of the Web 2.0 application or open source software application Wikidot is a web 2.0 application to share content, documents and collaborate with students, and anyone else you wish to share info with. Basiically it enables you to create your own website for personal or professional purposes.

2. Describe the target audience for this software. Wikidot caters to all people but does have a separate educational portal for teachers, researchers etc.

3. What is the purpose of the software? How does it work? The website allows you to create pages, forums, and separate wikis where you discuss topics, share documents, notes, images. The site provides a specific application for teachers. With “Wikidot in Education” you are basically making your own webpage for you class. You can also create separate wikis for whole groups or each student.

 4. Describe the user interface. Is it easy or difficult to use? Why or why not? The user interface is relatively simple. You simply sign up and follow the step by step procedures. I found it easy to navigate. There is a link for everything. You can customize to your taste and the directions to do so are all there.

5. Technical requirements. Does it work on Windows, Apple and Linux? Are there minimum memory requirements, software that needs to be installed? It works on all operating systems. No software installation required.

6. What browsers does it work with? Does it require JavaScript, Java, ActiveX, Flash, Shockwave or plugins You should enable JavaScript and Cookies. The site suggests working with Mozilla Firefox for best browsing success.

7. What are the strengths of this software application? There is a lot that you do with this website. You can use it as forum, blog and make it into a webpage for your class in a simple way. Like all other wikis assembling the webpage is easy. You can easily add videos, music, podcasts, RSS feeds, images, bookmarks, content from YouTube and other video sharing portals. There are different modules that are listed and can be used using the directions given. You can change site accessibility and make it a safe environment for students to contribute with your administrative control. You can add as many members as you like if you are using the education portal, and you are given 5GB storage space.

8. What are the weaknesses of this software application? It can only be accessed on the Internet. It is like other wiki websites and I’m sure there are other alternatives to this web app that do the same, maybe even better. You also have to pay for further elite packages that allow you to do more.

9. Provide at least three examples of how you might use this in your science teaching. In the classroom I would use it as a organizing or management tool, like Blackboard where I can post assignments, notes, links, questions and anything else I include in my lessons that students should access on their own. I would use it to discuss topics related to science, have students contribute in a forum setting. Have them do their own project on a science topic and present in a wiki that you can create for them using your account

10. Include any tips for science teachers. The website is great for posting content easily and organizing that content. The website is like most wiki websites that allow you do the same things. It follows the same format so of your familiar with that then it should be easy.

11. Any other comments I would recommend it but I’m sure there are other alternatives out there that do the same.
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