Shamina Haque


Assignment 5- Grant proposal to fund a project

Title of your project

 Student Response Systems- Creating a More Responsive and Attentive Class

Goals of your project

 The goal of my project is to introduce clickers in the classroom in order to create more active participation, Student response systems can assist in gaining immediate feedback for students and teachers, presenting a question that prompts a discussion on a topic, or just maintaining active participation and attention of the students. It is also useful for polls and assessments like short quizzes.  

Budget - Amount requested and materials you wish to purchase:

A set of 30 student remotes, 1 instructor remote, 1 IR receiver, 1 software CD and a custom case. This is from the Smartroom Learning Solutions website Beyond Question - Standard set (# 02-030) Cost: $1,295

    Procedure – How will you carry out your project?

 One class set will be available for multiple class sections. A student will be assigned a specific “clicker” when the clickers are introduced to the class. The number associated with that “clicker” will identify the student that has been assigned that clicker. The student’s name and “clicker” number will be on file for identifying the anonymous responses. The “clicker” will be taken out and returned in the beginning and end of every class to the custom case purchased. I will incorporate this in PowerPoint’s and quizzes. The associated software program allows you see who has not answered so it encourages the full participation of the class. 

What will the students do with the resources you have requested:

The students will respond with their student response systems or “clicker” remotes to questions or polls reflecting what they learned or their preferences. This will provide immediate feedback and assessment. They will also use them to take short quizzes.

Evaluation:  How will you determine whether your project is successful or not?

The success of student response systems can be evaluated by observing how much participation has increased or decreased and how much more or less attentive students are during class. Feedback received from the response system itself will show how well the response system is working by the answers received measuring student progress.  Adjusting lessons and questions is also easier with the use of the technology.

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