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Assignment 1- Review of a web 2.0 application OR Review of an open source software application for possible use in science education:

1.      Short description of the Web 2.0 application or open source software application

This application is an interactive tool which allows students to identify the different phases of the moon by clicking and dragging the specific name of the phase to the corresponding image of the moon. Students can also type notes next to the name of each phase such as describing the phase or when it occurs in the lunar cycle.

2.      Describe the target audience for this software.

High school students who are taking the Earth Science Regents exam or even middle school students; anywhere from grades 7-12.

3.      What is the purpose of the software?  How does it work?

The purpose is to help students understand and remember the phases of the moon. Students have to click and drag the name of the phase to the corresponding image of the moon.

4.      Describe the user interface.  Is it easy or difficult to use?  Why or why not?

Users have to use the mouse to click and drag text boxes; they can also use the keyboard to type information about the phases of the moon. The user interface is quiet easy because right on the textbox it says the word “drag” which implies the user should click and hold on to the mouse button and drag the textbox where ever they want to, then release the button in order to position the text box to its desired location. Also in order to type information you just simply click the text box and type.

5.      Technical requirements.  Does it work on Windows, Apple and Linux?  Are there minimum memory requirements, software that needs to be installed?

Yes it works with Windows not sure about Apple and Linux. There are no minimum memory requirements or software that needs to be installed in order to use this application.

6.      What browsers does it work with?  Does it require Javascript, Java, ActiveX, Flash, Shockwave or plugins.

It works with any browsers and does not require any of the above listed.

7.      What are the strengths of this software application?

The strengths are that it is very easy to use, interactive, hands-on, and provides a visual for the learner.

8.      What are the weaknesses of this software application?

The weaknesses are that, when using this application to teach the phases of the moon the way the textboxes are organized and used makes it confusing to understand the information. The information can easily be disorganized thus allowing confusion amongst students.

9.      Provide at least three examples of how you might use this in your science teaching.

I can use this on a smart board and demonstrate to the students the phases of the moon, or I can have students come up and demonstrate themselves on the smart board, or I can take the students to a computer lab where each student has their individual computer and they have to complete this task on their own as a class assignment.

10.  Include any tips for science teachers.

Use technology as much as you can science is a very difficult and sometimes dry subject to teach and our generation of students are very interested in technology so the use of technology can really motivate students to participate and learn science more sufficiently.

11.  Any other comments.

 I look forward to another exciting class with Professor Murfin and would like to learn more about incorporating technology into everyday classroom instruction.

Assignment 2- Create and maintain a blog related to an aspect of science or science education:
click here to veiw my blog now!!! MaddScienetists blog

Assignment 3-
Creation of an individual web site to serve as an electronic portfolio to display all work in this class. my science site

Assignment 4- Critical review of an educational technology book from the list of recommended books

Assignment 5
- Grant proposal to fund a project that makes innovative use of technology in science education,

Assignment 6-
Group project 1) Create, edit and post an educational science video on and OR Group project - Create, edit and post an educational science podcast on itunes,

2) web page with a lesson plan and,

3) explanation should also be provided.

4) Presentation