MATH 143

Math 143 Calculus/Infinite Series: Spring 2023

Exam Solutions

Here are solutions to the third exam.
Here are solutions to the second exam.
Here are solutions to the first exam.


This will be updated regularly.

Copies of previous finals

Please see this link for a copy of Previous Final Exams in 143.

Course Information:

This course is the third part of a three semester sequence in calculus (Math 141, 142, and 143), which focuses on techniques of integration and infinite series. We'll cover in order Chapters 6 and 8 of Essential Calculus, by Stewart, along with seciton 5.8 (between 6.5 and 6.6). This course satisfies the Mathematical and Quantitative Reasoning (MQR) requirement of the Pathways General Education Required Core. See here for a description of the MQR Learning Outcomes.
It is a pre-requisite that you have taken MATH 132 or 142. MATH 151 does not satisfy the prerequisite. Here is some futher basic information:

Contact Information:


The homework will be completed online through WebWork. You must have an active CAMS account to use WebWork. To create an account, go to the Help Desk. To login to WebWork, enter your CAMS username IN ALL LOWER CASE (e.g. alastname100 for Alicia Lastname). Enter your CAMS password (not your CUNY Portal account password). I will post homework assignments to be completed following each lecture. The due dates are indicated with the assignment, but they will generally be due on Sundays and Thursdays at noon. No extensions will be granted, but I will drop the two lowest homework grades.

Getting Help- MathLab

The Math Lab will be open (in-person) Monday-Thursday, from 9am-5pm, starting Monday, January 30th. They will offer limited online/remote services on Friday, weekends, and evenings, starting Friday, January 27th. Click the MathLab link for details.

Calculator Policy:

You are encouraged to use graphing calculators in this course (e.g. TI-84). There will be homework problems and test questions which require their use. Instructions on the use of the TI-84 will be given during lecture, and I suggest you bring your calculator to class. You are not permitted to use calculators that can perform symbolic differentiation or integration (e.g. TI-89 or TI-92).


The final grade will be based on the homework (25%), three in-class exams (50% total), and the final exam (25%). The preliminary exams are in-class and will be given on Feb. 28th, April 4th, May 11th. The final exam is Friday May 19th, 8am-10:30am, Powdermaker 156.