"Welcome My Science Teaching Website at QC"
Hello, Visitors:

Name: Ting Yin
Contact: yintina@gmail.com
Career: Bilingual Science Teacher
Year of Experience: I started teaching at mid-Novemeber of 2010

My online SEYS 753 portfolio will help Prof. Murfin and other students to gauge my potential to become an expert in the use of technologies for educational purpose.  The level of difficulty for the coursework has been set at such a level that students with no experience with computers should be able to complete the tasks.  My assignments contain written works as well as computer-based tasks.  The written works include a review of a free computer application and also one of a book on the impacts of computers in education.  The computer-based works include simple projects that revolve around the use of web-design, videos and computer presentations for educational purposes.

In addition to serving my obligations for SEYS 753, this website also can help those who would take SEYS 753 in the future.  The assignments will help prospective students who read through the website to prepare for course assignments as listed below (My SEYS 753 Assignments).  By the time these students take this course, they will at least know what to expect.  I hope my own work will serve as a good example for those students to emulate.

I will continue to modify SEYS 753 as the course progresses.  I will be completing and adding more assignments until the end of the fall 2010 semester.  In addition, the design of my SEYS 753 website will be continually modified as I become more experienced in web design.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at yintina@gmail.com.

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