English Sentence Study

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English sentence study

Bill Haddican

Daniel Ezra Johnson

Language and Communications Disorders



+1 (718) 997-2870


You are being asked to participate in a research project conducted through Queens College CUNY. If you decide to participate, Queens College requires that you give your authorization to participate in this research project.


A basic explanation of the project is written below.  If you have questions you may get in touch with the researchers whose contact details are provided above. If you then decide to participate in the research project, you will be asked to indicate your consent by typing ‘yes’ on an electronic consent form before the questionnaire begins


Nature and purpose of the project:

This project is a study of everyday English use today.  It focuses on differences in the way different sentences are used and understood in different English dialects.


Explanation of procedures:

If you agree to take part in this study you will be asked to fill out an online questionnaire, which will probably take about 10-15 minutes to complete.  Specifically the questionnaire will ask you to give a score to different English sentences, based on how natural the sentence is in your everyday English.


Potential discomfort and risks:

The study only involves completing a computer-based questionnaire.  There are no known risks involved in participating in this experiment beyond those normally associated with using a computer.


Potential benefits:

This study may help linguists understand more about English dialects today and give us clues to their past and future.





Termination of participation:

If you decide not to take part, that’s OK.  If you do decide to take part, you will be asked to indicate your consent by ticking a box marked ‘yes’ on an electronic consent form before the questionnaire begins.  If you later change your mind, you can withdraw at any time during the experiment by closing your browser window.  You do not need to give a reason. 



This study is anonymous.  We do not ask for you name, email or any other personally identifying information.  Your name therefore will not be used in connection with the data collected here in publications and will not be released to third parties.  To better understand variation in English dialects, you will be asked for some brief biographical details including your age and postcode, but these will be kept confidential.  This information will not be disseminated in any way and will later be destroyed. If you decide at any time that you wish to have your data removed from our records, you may do so by notifying the researchers, whose contact information is given below.


Withdrawal from the project:

Your participation in this research project is completely voluntary.  You may decide to stop participating in this project at any time without penalty. You are free to leave at any time.


Who to call if you have any questions:

This project has been reviewed and approved for the period indicated by the Queens College (CUNY) Institutional Review Board for the Protection of Human Subjects in Research and Research Related Activities.


If you have any questions about your rights as a research participant, or to report a research related injury, you may call:


Associate Director of Regulatory Compliance, Queens College (CUNY), Telephone # +1 (718) 997-5415.


If you have concerns or questions about the conduct of this research project you may call:


            Bill Haddican

            Assistant Professor, Linguistics and Communications Disorders

            Queens College (CUNY)

            Flushing, NY  11367

            Telephone: (718) 997 – 2870


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