These are my most current research interests:

·     Number Theory and Ergodic Theory

1.     Zero entropy continuous interval maps and MMLS-MMA property. Nonlinearity 31 (2018) 2689–2702. doi:10.1088/1361-6544/aab593

2.     Oscillating sequences, MMA and MMLS flows and Sarnak's conjecture (with Aihua Fan). Erg. Th. & Dyn. Sys., Published Online March 14, 2017. doi:10.1017/etds.2016.121

3.     Higher order oscillation and uniform distribution (with Shigeki Akiyama). Uniform Distribution Theory. To appear.

4.     Higher order oscillating sequences, affine distal flows on the d-torus, and Sarnak's conjecture. arXiv1612.04306v2

·     Complex Dynamics

1.     A framework towards understanding the characterization of holomorphic maps (with an Appendix on transcendental functions written with Tao Chen and Linda Keen). Frontiers in Complex Dynamics, March 2014, Princeton University Press, 235-253.

2.     Bounded geometry and characterization of some transcendental maps (with Tao Chen and Linda Keen). Indiana University Mathematics Journal, Math. J.  66 (2017), 1537-1571.

3.     Cycle doubling, merging and renormalization in the tangent family (with Tao Chen and Linda Keen). arXiv:1708.01808v1.

4.     Geometrization of sub-hyperbolic semi-rational branched coverings (with Tao Cheng). arXiv1207.1292.

·     Quasiconformal Mappings and Teichmüller Spaces

1.     Teichmüller spaces and tame quasiconformal motions (with Sudeb Mitra, Hiroshige Shiga, and Zhe Wang). Tohoku Mathematical Journal, accepted 2016 and to appear on Vol. 71, no. 1, March 2019.

2.     Monodromy, liftings of holomorphic maps, and extensions of holomorphic motions (with Sudeb Mitra). arXiv1804.03773v1

3.     An explicit counter-example to the full extendibility problem in holomorphic motions. arXiv:1804.04067v1

·     Metric Entropy in Smooth Dynamical Systems

1.     Infimum of the metric entropy of hyperbolic attractors with respect to the SRB measure (with Huyi Hu and Miaohua Jiang)Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems, Vol. 22, No. 1&2 (2008), 215–234.

2.     Infimum of the metric entropy of volume preserving Anosov systems (with Huyi Hu and Miaohua Jiang). Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems, Volume 37 (2017), No. 9, 4767-4783.

3.     Infimum of metrtic entropy and the Boole map. Preprint.

·     Transfer Operators and Gibbs Measures

1.     Convergence speed of a Ruelle operator associated with a non-uniformly expanding conformal dynamical system and a Dini potential. Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems. To appear, 2018.

·     Applications of Quasiconformal Mappings and Teichmüller Theory to Dynamical Systems

1.     An introduction to geometric Gibbs theory. Dynamics, Games and Science, CIM Series in Mathematical Sciences, Vol. 1, Springer-Verlag, 2015, 327-339.  

2.     Symmetric invariant measures. Contemporary Mathematics, AMS, Vol. 575, 2012, 211-218.

3.     Simultaneous uniformization for uniformly quasisymmetric circle dynamical systems (with Fred Gardiner). Dynamical Systems, Vol. 30 (2015), No. 4, 543–565.

4.     Teichmueller structures and dual geometric Gibbs type measure theory for continuous potentialsarXiv:0804.3104v3

5.     Bers complex manifold structure on circle diffeomorphisms. Submitted Preprint.

·     Applications of Dynamical Systems to Teichmüller Theory

1.      Function model of the Teichmueller space of a closed hyperbolic Riemann surface arXiv:0810.4969v3 



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