Dynamics and Analysis Student Seminar

Organized by Yunping Jiang (yunping.jiang@qc.cuny.edu)


Department of Mathematics, CUNY Graduate Center

Fall of 2015 Schedule

Wednesday, 10:30am-12:00noon (Math Thesis Room, Rm. 4214-03):

This semester we will have a different format about the student seminar.

I would like to talk to each student and his co-advisor privately.


September 9, Organization and Yunping Jiang, Symmetric Rigidity, Symmetric Invariant Measures, and Furstenberg's Conjecture


September 16, Marten Fels

September 23, (No Classes, Yom Kippur)

September 30, Nishan Chaterjee

October 7, John Adamski

October 14, Santanu Nandi

October 21, Nishan Chaterjee

October 28, John Adamski


November 4, Santanu Nandi

November 11, Nishan Chaterjee

November 18, Santanu Nandi

November 25, John Adamski


December 2, Marten Fels

December 9, Nishan Chaterjee

December 16, Sudeb Mitra (Queens College and the Graduate Center, CUNY),

                  Title: Schwarz's lemma and complex geodesics on the Teichmueller space of a closed set in the sphere.





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