Dynamics and Analysis Student Seminar

Organized by Yunping Jiang (yunping.jiang@qc.cuny.edu)

Department of Mathematics, CUNY Graduate Center

Fall of 2014 Schedule:

Wednesdays and some Fridays, 10:30am-12:00noon (Math Thesis Room, Rm. 4214-03):

Read book ``Quadratic Differentials’’ by Strebel.


February 4, Organization and Nishan Chaterjee, 1.1-1.4

February 11, Yunping Jiang, Riemann surfaces and Mobius groups (based on Farkas and Kra’s book Riemann surfaces, \S0.1, I.1, and IV.6)

February 18, (Monday Schedule) Nishan Chaterjee, 2.1-2.3

February 25, Alice Kwon, 2.4-2.6

March 4, Nishan Chaterjee, 3.1-3.2

March 11, Nishan Chaterjee, 3.3

March 18, Alice Kwon, 3.4

March 25, Alice Kwon, 3.5-3.6

April 1, Santanu Nandi 4.1-4.4

April 8, Spring Recess

April 15, Santanu Nandi 4.5-5.2


Joint with the workshop of identities in New York (Please see room for each talk)

April 21 (Tuesday)

         15:40-16:30 (Room 4102): Ser Peow Tan (National Univ. of Singapore)
         17:00-17:50 (
Room 4102): Martin Bridgeman (Boston College)
         19:00: Conference Dinner at the Persian Grill


April 22, 10:30-11:20 (Room 4102): Feng Luo (Rutgers University)

                                     Title: Discrete uniformization theorem for polyhedral surfaces
                                    Abstract: The classical uniformization theorem states that

                                                    every Riemann surface carries a complete

                                                    constant curvature Riemannian metric in its

                                                    conformal class. However, it is difficult to

                                                    implement the uniformization theorem for

                                                    polyhedral surfaces. We introduce a notion of

                                                    discrete conformality for polyhedral surfaces

                                                    and prove a discrete version of the uniformization

                                                    theorem. This is a joint work with David Gu,

                                                   Jian Sun and Tianqi Wu.

            11:50 - 12:40 (Room 4102): Greg McShane (Institut Fourier Grenoble)

            1:50-3:10 (Math Thesis room, 4214-03): Linda Keen (CUNY Graduate Center),       

                                                   Title: Dynamics on tangent family II

            3:30-4:55 (Math Thesis room, 4214-03): Moira Chas (Stony Brook University)

                                Title: Computer driven theorem and questions in geometry I

                                Abstract: Consider an orientable surface $S$ with negative

                                                Euler characteristic, a minimal set of generators of

                                                the fundamental group of $S$, and a constant curvature

                                                $-1$ metric on $S$.  Each unbased homotopy class

                                                $C$ of closed oriented curves on $S$ determines

                                                three numbers: the word length (that is, the minimal

                                                number of letters needed to express $C$ as a cyclic

                                                word in the generators and their inverses),

                                                the minimal geometric self-intersection number,

                                               and finally the geometric length. These three numbers

                                               can be explicitly computed (or approximated) using

                                               a computer.  We will discuss relations between

                                               these numbers and their statistical structure

                                               as length becomes large.

April 24 (Friday), Santanu Nandi 5.3-5.5


April 29, John Adamski, 6.1-6.4

May 1 (Friday), John Adamski, 7.1-7.4

May 6, Marten Fels, 9.1-9.3

May 8 (Friday) No Event (Stony Brook Meeting)

May 13, Marten Fels, 9.4-9.6

May 15 (Friday), Marten Fels, 10.1-10.3


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