Complex Analysis and Dynamics Seminar

Department of Mathematics
Graduate Center of CUNY

Fridays 2:00 - 3:00 pm
Room 5417
Organizers: Ara Basmajian, Patrick Hooper, Jun Hu, and Saeed Zakeri

Past seminars:

Fall 2006, Spring 2007
Fall 2007, Spring 2008
Fall 2008, Spring 2009
Fall 2009, Spring 2010
Fall 2010, Spring 2011
Fall 2011, Spring 2012
Fall 2012, Spring 2013
Fall 2013, Spring 2014
Fall 2014, Spring 2015
Fall 2015

Spring 2016:

Jan 29: No seminar

Feb 5: Jun Hu (Brooklyn College and Graduate Center of CUNY)
Rational Maps from Quotient Maps of Finite Kleinian Groups and Their Julia Sets

Quotient maps of finite Kleinian groups are rational maps with two or three critical values. They are also called rational maps with half symmetries. We explore some one-parameter families of such maps with a smilar classification of Julia sets in the one-parameter families of singularly perturbed monomials investigated by Devaney and his collaborators. This is joint work with Francisco G. Jimenez and Oleg Muzician.

Feb 12: No seminar

Feb 19: Matthieu Arfeux (Stony Brook University)
Trees of Spheres and Berkovich Spaces

In the world of complex dynamics on the Riemann sphere, we study the action of complex rational maps of a given degree modulo the natural action by conjugacy of the group of Mobius transformations. As the quotient space is not compact, one is interested in giving a good compactification of this space that underlines some interesting dynamical behavior. For this, two tools from algebraic geometry have been introduced: the Deligne-Mumford compactification of the moduli space of stable curves and Berkovich spaces. I will explain the vocabulary used in my thesis to deal with the first tool and will compare it to the second one. No prior knowledge of either of these topics will be assumed.

Feb 26: Lucia Simonelli and Scott Schmieding (University of Maryland)

Mar 4:

Mar 11:

Mar 18: Hideki Miyachi (Osaka University)

Mar 25: No seminar

Apr 1: Viveka Erlandsson (University of Fribourg / Aalto University)

Apr 8:

Apr 15:

Apr 22 and Apr 29: No seminar

May 6:

May 13:

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