John E. Seley
Professor, PhD, University of Pennsylvania: urban planning, public policy, geography.


John Seley, a geographer, urban planner, and public policy analyst, is the Senior Faculty Director of the Office of Community Studies, an affiliated research unit of the Department. He is also Professor of Environmental Psychology at the CUNY Graduate School, where he teaches courses on urban geography and social service delivery. Through the Community Studies Office, Seley has carried out a number of studies of the Borough of Queens. His studies of Long Island City have tracked industrial change during a fifteen-year period. In addition, he has studied changes in transit usage in Jamaica, demographic and economic change in four Queens neighborhoods, and residential displacement. Sponsors of the studies have include the Chamber of Commerce, Chase Manhattan Bank, and the Consortium for Worker Education.

The Office of Community Studies uses the Infoshare Community Data System to provide information and maps to community-based organizations throughout New York City. In addition, Seley does research on environmental issues such as community right-to-know and public policy issues including workfare and evaluation of public services.

Seley teaches the Department's introductory courses on Urban Services and Institutions and on Planning, as well as its advanced course on Conflicts in Urban Planning.

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Office: Powdermaker Rm. 250

Telephone: (718) 997 5141

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