Leonard Rodberg

Department Chair
Professor, PhD, MIT: health, employment, energy, climate change, urban data analysis.


Leonard Rodberg, a theoretical physicist by training, is the Chair of the Department. He has a background in public policy and the social impact of technology. Rodberg has worked with the Office of Community Studies in developing Infoshare Community Information System, a computerized data base system that allows community groups, non-profit organizations, and others to access demographic, health, and economic information about New York City. The Infoshare system and databases are now on the web, at www.infoshare.org, and are in use by organizations and individuals throughout the City and State.

Rodberg teaches the Department's undergraduate and graduate courses on using the computer in urban analysis, as well as courses on the urban economy and health care policy.

Rodberg Curriculum Vitae


Office: Powdermaker Rm. 250
Telephone: (718) 997 5134
Email: leonard.rodberg@qc.cuny.edu

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