Search Engines

Google Searching 2,469,940,685 web pages.

Excite Searches information by concept, Database of 1.5 milion Wep pages.

Magellan Contains Reviews & Ratings for Web, FTP, Gopher and Usenet sites.

Lycos Finds what you require, plus text, videos, graphics and sound.

Netscape Info Seek You can search the net or look though their topics.

Yahoo A large database of Web sites are available for search.

Alta Vista Gives you access to the largest Web index: 31 million pages.

Ftp An excellent file transfer protocol (FTP) search engine.

Search People, News and Software

Deja News A large Usenet news archive, search engine.

Shareware Finds software on the Internet.

Who Where? White Pages service that finds people and organization.

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