MooreJames Moore
Ph.D, University of Massachusetts - Amherst, 1981

Associate Professor Emeritus, Department of Anthropology, Queens College-CUNY

Office: Powdermaker Hall 314
Phone: (718) 997-2891
Fax: (718) 997-2885

Recent Publications & Presentations

Recent Publications & Presentations

2006 "Thimbles, Teapots and Women’s Work:  The New Domesticity in Early 19th Century Flushing."  Paper presented to the Queens Historical Society, March 19, 2006. 


2006 "The History and Archaeology of Slavery and Freedom in Queens."  Paper presented at The Mary Ann Shaw Program Series, February 18, 2006, Flushing Public Library.


2006 "Freedom in the Shadow of Blinding Whiteness." Paper presented in The Political Economy of Freedom session, Society of Historical Archaeology Annual Meeting, January 11-15, 2006, Sacramento, California.


2005 "The Dimensions of Ethnography:  Tailoring IRB Evaluations."  Human Subjects Protections Symposium, CUNY.  Baruch College, September 8, 2005.


2005 “Flushing 1806: Historical Archaeology in Early 19th Century Queens County,” Exhibit presented in the Barham Rotunda, 3rd Floor, Rosenthal Library, Queens College, March 13-August 1,  2005.


2005 “Slavery in the 18th Century New York Hinterland: The Spatial Dimension,” Paper presented in African American Archaeology in the North Session, Society of Historical Archaeology Annual Meeting, 5 - 10 January, 2005, York, England.


2004 “Archaeology and Architecture at the Bowne House,” Paper presented to the Flushing Rotary Club, Flushing. NY. 18 November 2004.


2004 “Slavery in the Hinterland,” Paper presented to the New York Historical Archaeology Colloquium, CUNY Graduate Center, 10 November, 2004.


2004 “The Spatial Dimension of Colonial Long Island Slavery,” Paper presented at the 69th Annual Meeting of the Society for American Archaeology, 31 March – 4 April 2004, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


2004 Organizer and Chair, “New Perspectives on the Bowne House: Archaeology and Architecture.” Public Program at the Flushing Public Library. 11 February, 2004.


2004 “New Perspectives on the Bowne House: Archaeological and Architectural Research, 1997-2003,” Archaeological Exhibit, Flushing Public Library, 9-29 February 2004.


2004 “Putting People in the House: Bowne House Archaeology, 1997-2000,” New Perspectives on the Bowne House: Archaeology and Architecture. Paper presented to Public Program at the Queensborough Public Library: Flushing Branch.


2002 “The Social Geography of Colonial Long Island Slavery,” Paper presented in the Cultural-Material Landscapes Session, the 100th Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association, 20-24 November 2002, New Orleans, Louisiana.


2000 The Silence Surrounding Slavery in the Construction of Modern European Identity: The Case of the Irish Iron Age. Anthropology Doctoral Program Colloquia Series, CUNY Graduate Center. Nov. 2000.


1999 Cabo Conference, Wener-Gren Conference, Nov 1999.


1988 Soil Patterns and Prehistoric Sites in Suffolk County, New York (with Robert Kalin and Kent Lightfoot). Man in the Northeast (36:1-20).


1987 Regional Survey and Analysis of Lithic Scatters: a Case Study from Southeast Ireland (with Marek Zvelebil, Stanton Green and Don Henson). In Mesolithic Northwest Europe: Recent Trends, edited by P. Rowley-Conwy, M. Zvelebil and H.P. Blankholm, pp. 9-32. Recent Trends Series, Vol. 2, University of Sheffield.


1985a Forager Farmer Interactions: Information, Social Organization and the Frontier. In Frontier and Boundary Processes, edited by Stanton Green and Stephen Perlman, pp. 93 112. Academic Press, New York.

1985b Interior resources exploitation: A Woodland settlement model for Long Island, New York. (with Kent Lightfoot and Robert Kalin) Anthropology 8:15-40.


1983 Archaeological Hammers and Theories (with Arthur Keene), Academic Press, New York. (314 pp.)


1983a Archaeology and the law of the hammer (with Arthur Keene). In Archaeological Hammers and Theories, edited by James A. Moore and Arthur S. Keene, pp. 3 17. Academic Press, New York.


1983b The trouble with know it alls: Information as a social and ecological variable. In Archaeological Hammers and Theories, edited by James A. Moore and Arthur S. Keene, pp. 173 191. Academic Press, New York.

1982 The measurement and meaning of stylistic diversity (with Warren DeBoer). Nawpa Pacha 20: 147-162. Institute of Andean Studies, Berkeley. A special issue honoring Dorothy Menzel and John H. Rowe.


1981 The effects of information networks in hunter gatherer societies. In Hunter gatherer Foraging Strategies: Ethnographic and Archaeological Analyses, edited by Bruce Winterhalder and Eric Smith, pp. 194 217. University of Chicago Press, Chicago.


1980 The State of New England Archaeology. In Proceedings of the Conference on Northeast Archaeology, edited by James A. Moore, pp. 1 7. University of Massachusetts/Amherst, Department of Anthropology Research Report 19.


1979 Anadromous fish, stream ranking and settlement (with Dolores Root). In Ecological Anthropology of the Middle Connecticut River Valley, edited by Robert Paynter, pp. 27 44. University of Massachusetts/Amherst, Department of Anthropology Research Report 18.


1975 The use of life tables in paleodemography (with Allan Swedlund and George Armelagos), Memoir of the Society for American Archaeology 30:57- 70.

Research Focus:
  • Archaeology
  • Quantitative Methods
  • Historical Archaeology
  • European Prehistory
  • Forager/Farmer Interactions

Courses Taught:
  • Intro to Archaeology (103)
  • Essentials of Archaeology (240)
  • Archaeology of Europe (242)
  • Field Methods in Archaeology (250) 
  • Archaeological Analysis of Stone Tools (253)
  • Archaeology of Ireland (290W)
  • Ecology and Culture (302)
  • Archaeological Method and Theory (340)
  • Archaeology of Race, Class, and Gender (340)
  • Grad Center - Anthropology of Slavery (84300)

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