The Institute publishes three books series and a peer review scholarly journal. Each book series has its specific criteria. The Historical Monograph Series rescues from potential oblivion those texts that have fallen out of print. Transactions, in turn, publishes those studies and analyses that are longer than the usual journal article but shorter than the usual monograph. Studies in Italian Americana, instead, publishes full-length books, be they single-authored or collections of essays.

Super summer sale! Italian Folk

Italian Folk: Vernacular Culture in Italian-American Lives, edited by the Calandra Institute’s Dr. Joseph Sciorra, offers an opportunity to reexamine and rethink what we know about Italian Americans. Sunday dinners, basement kitchens, and backyard gardens are everyday cultural entities long associated with Italian Americans, yet the general perception of them remains superficial and stereotypical at best. This collection of essays explores local knowledge and aesthetic practices, often marked as “folklore,” as sources for creativity and meaning in Italian-American lives. The contributors to this unique book discuss historic and contemporary cultural expressions and religious practices from various parts of the United States and Canada to examine how they operate at local, national, and transnational levels.

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"Sciorra's book conveys a strong sense of urgency to reexamine and re-think what we know about Italian Americans, while contributing to the legitimization of Italian-American folklore." (―Modern Italy)