New Majors

The department is now offering new majors in Chinese and Classics. Requirements for these two majors can be downloaded below [.pdf files]. For specific questions on either of these, please contact the Department to make an appointment with an advisor. The department also offers majors in East Asian Studies, Hebrew, Latin, and Ancient Greek as well as minors in Arabic, Chinese, Classical Studies, Hebrew, and Japanese. More information on all majors and minors can be found on the Programs page.

  • Major in Chinese
    39 credits including a Senior Seminar
    Download the requirements here. [new as of August 2009]
    Students who intend to teach Chinese at the high school level should consult with the Department of Secondary Education and Youth Services for information about their requirements as well.

  • Major in Classics
    36 credits including a Senior Seminar
    Download the requirements here. [new as of August 2009]

Schedule of Classes See the most updated course schedule at the Registrar's course schedule page.

Courses offered in the Spring of 2010

  • Arabic, Islamic & Middle Eastern Studies
    Arabic 102: Elementary Arabic II
    Arabic 204: Intermediate Arabic II
    Middle Eastern Studies (MES) 160: History and Civilization of Islam [2 sections]
  • Middle Eastern Studies (MES) 240: Images of the Middle East

    See related courses in History as well.

  • Chinese, Japanese, Korean & East Asian Studies
    Chinese 102: Elementary Chinese II [2 sections]
    Chinese 204: Intermediate Chinese II
    Chinese 251: Classical Chinese II
    Chinese 311: Advanced Modern Chinese
    Chinese 314: Grammar, Rhetoric and Composition [weekend section]
    Chinese 318: Introduction to Applied Chinese Linguistics
    Chinese 320: Chinese Drama [weekend section]
    Chinese 330: Chinese Essay
    Chinese 350: Chinese Fiction
    Chinese 360: Traditional Chinese Literature
    Chinese 370: Chinese Short Story [2 sections, weekend section]

    Japanese 102: Elementary Japanese II [2 sections]
    Japanese 204: Intermediate Japanese II
    Japanese 212: Classical Japanese II
    Japanese 306: Advanced Modern Japanese II

    Korean 203: Elementary Korean II
    Korean 360: Readings in Korean

    East 130W: East Asian Religion [2 sections]
    East 132: Civilization of Korea
    East 235: East Asian Civilization II
    East 250: Modern Chinese Fiction in Translation [PLAS]
    East 253: Contemporary Chinese Film [cancelled]
    East 380: Senior Seminar [Come to the Department to schedule.]

    See related courses in Comparative Literature and History as well.

  • Classical Studies, Ancient Greek & Latin
    Latin 102: Elementary Latin I
    Latin 204: Roman Prose

    Latin 360.3 Readings in Latin literature
    Classics 120: Greek Civilization
    Classics 140: Classical Mythology
    Classics 150: Greek and Latin Classics in Translation [PLAS, 4 sections, weekend section]
    Classics 250W: Ancient Epic and Tragedy [2 sections]

    See related courses in History and Philosophy as well.

  • Hebrew Language & Culture
    Hebrew 102: Elementary Hebrew II
    Hebrew 204: Intermediate Hebrew II
    Hebrew 305: Advanced Modern Hebrew
    Hebrew 321: Readings from the Torah
    Hebrew 345: Poetry of the Middle Ages
    Hebrew 358: Modern Hebrew Literature

    Hebrew 150: Modern Hebrew Literature in Translation [PLAS]
    Hebrew 250W: Biblical Allusions in Hebrew Literature

    Yiddish 150: Introduction to Yiddish Literature

    See related courses in History and Jewish Studies as well.

Academic Calendar

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