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The posters in this page were designed by students Human Rights At Queens:
The Memorial Lectures Project
ueens College Art Department as part of a
special project called Human Rights at Queens.








Human Rights At Queens:
The Memorial Lectures Project

The Queens College Website is exhibiting student designed posters from Human Rights at Queens:The Memorial Lectures Project.

With its diverse population (students from over 100 countries speaking over 60 languages), and proximity to international organizations based in New York, Queens College is uniquely positioned to create an interdisciplinary professional program in Human Rights.

The Human Rights / Memorial Lectures Project was the first step in creating this program. Organized by Profs. Ammiel Alcalay and Eleanor Magid, two public events were dedicated to victims of aggression, one in Bosnia and the other in Africa.

The Karim Zaimovic Memorial Lecture was dedicated to a 25 year old writer and journalist killed in Sarajevo and featured the Bosnian journalist Zlatko Dizdarevic; The Ken Saro-Wiwa Memorial Lecture was dedicated to the executed Nigerian writer and environmentalist, and featured Kakuna Kerina, Africa Coordinator for the Committee to Protect Journalists.

Prof. Ammiel Alcalay presented information on Zaimovic and Saro-Wiwa to an Art Department class whose semester long project was to create posters for the Memorial Lectures. Working with Prof. Eleanor Magid of the Art Department, the art students researched the particular issues and political situation of the countries involved.

Faculty and guests came to speak about the victims. Students worked nights and weekends as they began to see the effect their work was going to have on other people. In the case of Zaimovic, a close friend of his came to speak to the students and later took a set of posters to Zaimovic's parents in Sarajevo.

The events were made part of the curriculum in related classes through background lectures and distribution of materials. The posters were displayed throughout the campus and a separate exhibit was held. The posters are now on permanent display in one of the college's dining halls, attesting to the great success of the the initial phase of the project.

Human Rights at Queens College: The Memorial Lectures Project created a global community within the classroom and on campus, bringing together diverse people through common concerns. We plan to continue this work in the hopes of creating a full-fledged, interdisciplinary academic program in Human Rights.

For more information, contact:

Prof. Ammiel Alcalay / Classical, Middle Eastern & Asian Languages
Queens College
65-30 Kissena Blvd
Flushing, NY 11367

tel: (718) 997-5570
fax:(718) 997-5072

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