The major in Asian Studies is a flexible program designed for students wishing to gain familiarity with the languages, history, cultures, social, religious and political institutions of the countries of Asia in ways that can be applied to a wide range of fields including law, foreign affairs, international business, secondary education, comparative literature, art history and a variety of other professions and academic disciplines. 

Presently, the major focuses on China and Japan, and the languages offered are ChineseJapanese and Korean from elementary to advanced levels, as well as literature and civilization courses given in translation. However, attention is also given to India and Southeast Asia to gain a wider perspective.

Students will be expected to fulfill the major requirements and also to choose an area of concentration; in each area of concentration, the student will also be expected to take related courses within their concentration that do not necessarily cover Asian topics but that do provide exposure to the methodology of each particular field. These areas of concentration might include Anthropology, Art History, Asian American topics, Comparative Literature, Economics, History, Linguistics, Music, Philosophy, Political Science, Religious Studies, Sociology or Women's Studies. 


The Major

Details of the major can be had by coming to 203 King Hall.


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