College Preparatory Programs

Liaison Office for Townsend Harris High School at Queens College

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About Us

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College Preparatory Programs office staff provide a number of services ranging from the day to day operation of the office to registration, orientation, and admissions processing, managing the collaboration’s ongoing projects, and initiating new ones.


The Office of College Preparatory Programs (Claudia Hindo and her administrative staff: Joseph Merino and Edith Balogh) regularly visit THHS to orient and counsel parents, students, faculty, and staff about a variety of topics regarding Townsend Harris students at Queens College, including college policies, academic standards, schedules, college course electives, Queens College registration and admissions procedures, and special programs such as the Bridge Year Program.


The staff registers the Seniors in the THHS Bridge Year Program, an involved process, directly from the College Preparatory Programs office.  This includes close, cooperative, on-going teamwork with the Queens College Admissions Department, Registrar's Office, Bursar’s Office, and THHS Guidance and Programming Offices.


The staff also act as THHS student advocates, periodically checking all the senior records to make sure that the college has made no errors in such areas as Tuition Waivers, Scheduling, lost Test scores, grades, etc.  They counsel students concerning their questions and difficulties with college classes, grade problems, and, if necessary, act as intermediaries with specific faculty and chairs of departments regarding student progress.  Their goal is to effectively integrate THHS students into Queens College, see that they get necessary individual attention, and do not get lost in the cracks of a large, unfamiliar university system.  Part of this process includes an Orientation to the Bridge Year for all of the students each Fall.


The office of College Preparatory Programs is also in charge of the administration of the Freshman Humanities Colloquium, including hiring of adjunct faculty from various disciplines to team-teach this “great books” course. 


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