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Bridge Year Frequently Asked Questions


The Credits you have earned at Queens College are real college credits.  Each college has its own criteria and processes on how they transfer the Credits.  The basic guideline: if you receive a C or higher, the college will grant you the credits at its institution.  Certain institutions may require higher grades for specific programs, so check with their admissions offices.

Will the College I go to in the Fall accept my Queens College credits?

Generally, no.

The Colleges will look at your grades to determine whether or not they will grant you transfer credit at their institutions.   The basic guideline: if you receive a C or higher, the college will grant you the credits at its institution.


In some cases where your Queens College electives were courses that you are required to take for your College Major, your College may actually transfer the grade as well.  (Generally, you must receive actual letter Grades for classes in your Major – no P/NCs)


NB: If you stay at Queens College, your grades are already part of your official Queens College Transcript and will count in your overall GPA.

Do the Grades from my Queens College classes transfer to my College?

File a Transcript Request Form with the Queens College Registrar’s Office (Jefferson Hall, Room 100).  The cost is $7 for each Transcript sent out.  If it is being sent to a CUNY school, then the Transcript is sent for free.  The Transcript Request Form can be picked up outside Jefferson Hall 100 or can be downloaded and/or filled out on-line at


Each College handles the Transferring of Credits differently – some institutions process all transfers right through their Admissions Offices; some have Transfer Credit Offices; some require you to bring a copy of your Transcript to each academic department in which you want to receive credit – check with your College to find out their specific processes.


Your Queens College Transcript is one complete document listing all the courses you have taken at Queens College with the grades you earned.  This includes any college-credit College Now courses you may have taken prior to the THHS Senior “Bridge” Year.

Can I choose to only send certain grades from my Transcript to a College?

How do I transfer my QC credits to my College?


The THHS College Office receives copies of each semester’s QC Grade Report (just like the ones you receive via e-mail from QC).  The College Office includes these Grade Reports with your THHS Transcripts to show the colleges you’ve applied to that you are taking a “full/complete schedule”.  This is not considered an “Official Transcript” but the Colleges will treat it as a true representation of your work/grades.


NB: Over the years, some THHS Graduates have received letters rescinding their Acceptances to College pending a “good explanation” as to a sudden drop in grades.

If I “messed up” in the Spring semester and I choose to not send an official Transcript to my college, then they won’t know (or hold it against me), right?

It is bad!

A “WU” stands for “Withdrawal, Unofficial”.  This means that you stopped going to class (or was absent way too many times) and the professor doesn’t have adequate work to give you a “real” grade.

This is worse than an “F”!  An “F” means you tried and Failed.  A “WU” means that you didn’t even try.  Colleges know what a “WU” is and will seriously reconsider your Acceptance to their institution if a “WU” on your transcript cannot be properly explained.

I received a grade of “WU” for my QC Elective… what is this?  Is this bad?


If you’ve already taken a Queens College class and passed with a C or better, then the AP Exam is unnecessary.  If you’ve already checked with the College you’ll be attending and they have confirmed that the grade you received in your QC Elective is not high enough to earn Transfer Credit, then perhaps taking the AP Exam and passing with a high enough score (usually a four or five) will help you.  Please check with your THHS Guidance Counselor for evaluation.

Do I need to take the AP Exam for a class I’ve taken (and passed) at Queens College?


When you owe money to the QC Library a Library Hold is placed on your QC Records.  This hold prevents QC Transcripts from being sent out.  Also, any changes to your QC Registration (adding a course, dropping a course, getting a grade correction) cannot be processed until the hold is removed (i.e. paying the fines).

I borrowed a book from the QC Library and owe late fees for it… will this be a problem?

Don’t Panic.

Review the Bill to make sure that the proper Waivers have been applied.  At first glance, the bill might look like you owe approximately $1,450; however, there should be a note that TH Waivers / Financial Aid (F/A) have been applied and the Balance Due should be $0.00.


If you are taking a QC Elective that is more than three credits, the additional tuition charges should be reflected in the Balance Due.  Also, if your class requires Materials Fees or the like, these will also be listed.  You are responsible for these ‘extra’ charges.


If you have any questions, please call us at (718) 997-3175.

I received a Bill from Queens College… what do I do?!

Rumor, hearsay, urban myth, etc.  Always verify what you hear.


Feel free to call us at (718) 997-3175 or e-mail us at


Check with the Colleges you are applying to for details… every institution has their own requirements, idiosyncrasies, and processes.  Also, something that was Fact a year ago may not be true anymore… policies change, so always make sure that your information is up to date.

My friends/parents/siblings tell me

    A: my classes won’t transfer…   B: my major won’t accept my grades…

    C: my grades don’t count for anything… etc. etc. etc.

For your Humanities Colloquium, we lend you books from our offices in Klapper Hall at the beginning of each semester.  You then return these texts to us at a designated time at the end of each semester.


For your Queens College Elective, you are responsible for purchasing your texts.  Most professors will have already ordered the required texts via the Campus Bookstore, so you can check prices and availability at their website (  You are not required to purchase your texts from the QC Bookstore… as long as you are purchasing the proper editions your professors want, you can buy them anywhere (Barnes & Noble,, etc.)

How do I get textbooks for my Queens College classes?