College Preparatory Programs

Liaison Office for Townsend Harris High School at Queens College

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Senior Programming

Each student’s senior program is a puzzle with pieces shaped by different institutions – the NYC Department of Education, THHS, and Queens College - including considerations of their specific requirements, class / time schedules, and course availability, as well as each student’s personal goals and extra-curricular activities.

The THHS Senior Year: The Bridge Year

Once the QC Admissions papers have been submitted, the students can move on to the more exciting aspect of choosing their Queens College elective for the upcoming semester.

Choosing Queens College Electives

Six courses are required to be taken each semester.

Fall Semester                                                              Spring Semester

Humanities Colloquium                                             Humanities Colloquium

Participatory Democracy                                           Economics

Physical Education                                                      Physical Education

High School Elective #1                                            High School Elective #1

High School Elective #2                                            High School Elective #2

One Queens College Elective  *                                One Queens College Elective *

   * This additional class may be an appropriate high school elective as determined in consultation with the student’s guidance counselor.  If a student has not met the high school graduation requirements, these must be fulfilled in the senior year in lieu of college or high school electives. 



The school day for seniors is from 7:30am - 3:30pm.  Students will have periods of free time during the day for studying.  As in the underclass years, a senior’s class schedule cannot be adjusted for non-academic reasons.

All programs at both Townsend Harris High School and Queens College may be affected by budgetary constraints of which we are not aware of at this time.


Sample Programs 

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As described on The Bridge Year page, the Senior Year at Townsend Harris High School is a sometimes complicated year where the students are straddling two “worlds” at the same time: high school and college.

Each year in March, the office of College Preparatory Programs meets with the THHS Juniors to discuss the Bridge Year and to distribute paperwork, including forms and guides for the students. 

Becoming a Bridge Year Student

These papers include: THHS Bridge Year Application to Queens College, Queens College Immunization Record, THHS Bridge Year Queens College Elective Selection Sheet, and the THHS Bridge Year Handbook & Parental Consent Form.

Without these correctly completed forms, we are unable to enroll the Bridge Year students into Queens College.  CPP must adhere to the College’s policies regarding admissions and immunization requirements.  We work with the high school to lessen some of this burden for the students, but for most of them, these forms are their introduction to the bureaucracies inherent in higher education and the “adult” world.

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Each student is required to fill out a THHS Bridge Year Queens College Elective Selection Sheet.  This form provides us with the information and flexibility to ensure each student receives a QC elective that not only fits into her schedule but is something she will be interested in studying for the semester.

After filling in the personal information section, the student then needs to choose which electives she is interested in taking.  We do not ask for specific class times… we only need a list of courses (in order of preference).  In order to see what courses are available for the specific upcoming semester, the students need to visit the Queens College Schedule of Classes.  There they can see what each department is offering and also read course descriptions and any possible pre-requisites to determine if the course is for them.  Often there are students who are overwhelmed with the choices or feel that there are no courses for them.  In such cases, the students can make appointments to meet with their THHS Guidance Counselors or with the CPP staff to discuss their personal concerns and goals. 

Once we receive the completed Selection Sheets and the high school has provided us with the students’ programs, we are able to go over each Elective Selection Sheet and find open sections of the listed classes that fit into the student’s schedule.  If we come across any problems, we utilize multiple ways of contacting the student to discuss the situation (e-mail, telephone, THHS Guidance Counselors, etc.).


Throughout a student’s high school career, she will take a variety of courses that carry the expectation or requirement of a year-long commitment; e.g. French/Spanish/Latin, Organic Chemistry, and Advanced Placement courses. 

Year-long THHS Courses vs. one-semester QC Electives

When choosing her Queens College Elective, a Bridge Year student treats each semester individually… i.e. if she chooses Italian 111 (Elementary Italian 1) for her Fall QC Elective, she is NOT required to take Italian 112 in the Spring semester.  She is welcome to continue on to Italian 112 if the class is open and fits into her schedule but she may also decide to choose a QC Elective in a totally different field.

If a student is unsure whether or not she should continue in the Spring semester within the same department / division, she can discuss this with our office, with the THHS Guidance Counselors, and with the THHS College Office.