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Luau Welcomes Students to a New Semester

Student were welcomed back to a new semester on Feb. 8 at the Luau Day Jam sponsored by the Student Association. Students gathered during free hour outside the 4th Floor Ballroom in the Student Union to unwind and enjoy themselves.



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Students Protest Proposed Budget

On the first Wednesday of this semester, Queens College students took the governor’s budget and stamped it “Return to Sender.”

Students in the New York Public Interest Research Group (NYPIRG) gathered in the dining hall on February 1 to send a message of disapproval regarding the proposed budget

Purse-Snatcher Loose on Campus

On Saturday, January 14 at 3pm a handbag was stolen from a QC student. The student, a young female who name was not released by the school, was thrown down to the floor by two teenage kids and mugged in the middle of the day. The victim reported that she had been walking to Jefferson Hall when she was pushed down from behind by two teenagers who then grabbed her handbag from the floor and ran toward the Pomonok Housing residence. The victim’s hands were scratched from being thrown to the floor during the attack, but she refused medical attention.