QC To Raise WWII Memorial
By Richard Facundo

The Queens College chapter of Phi Alpha Theta, the History Honor Society, is holding a meeting on February 21 during free hour in Powdermaker Hall, Room 117. During this meeting, the club will run an informational session concerning a research project with the ultimate goal of erecting a World War II memorial in honor of Queens College students and alumni who were killed in action. The History Honor Society is seeking to recruit students who are interested in helping conduct the research necessary to accomplish the task of honoring those who sacrificed their lives during the war. Those who participate may be eligible to receive a modest stipend for their contribution to this project.

During World War II, many Queens College students and alumni volunteered their services to the United State Armed Forces. Unfortunately, not all of them returned. According to unconfirmed records, approximately fifty-seven Queens College students and alumni were killed while serving in Europe and Asia. One of the fortunate alumni of who returned home after the war was Arnold Franco. Mr. Franco served his nation during the D-Day invasion in June 1944. In honor of his fallen brethren from Queens College, Mr. Franco has helped to sponsor the research project.

The goal of the project is to conduct research via archives and other records of the all Queens College students and alumni who were killed in action during World War II. After this research is accomplished, a suitable monument will be erected on campus. Several different sights have been proposed but as of yet there is no definite location. However, one site that has been mentioned several times is a spot on the quad directly behind Jefferson Hall. This proposed area would permit viewers to read the names of students who were killed in World War II while also experiencing the backdrop of the New York City skyline. Nonetheless, it is important to note that this is only a proposed site and several other locations are also being looked at.

Students who decide to participate in this research project will be asked to find the names of every Queens College student that died in action during World War II and compile short biographies of each person. The short biographies will be printed in a publication that will list each person’s name along with some background information about the person. Ultimately, the biography will conclude with the information of where they were killed as well as the day that they were killed. The monument itself will feature the person’s name along with the final piece of their biography.

According to members of the History Honor Society, the most important contribution that this monument will bring is much-deserved honor to our fellow Queens College students who left everything behind to go fight on behalf of the US in the war.