Queens College Time-2000 Project
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Section 1: Biographical Information
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Section 2: Academic Background
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SAT I Scores
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Please list any high school special honors or awards you have received: List any math tutoring experiences you have had: Section 3: Extracurricular Activities
Please list any extracurricular activities involving mathematics (e.g. math competition, math teams, fairs). Have you filed a City University Freshman Application listing Queens College as your first choice?

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If not, please contact us for information about application procedures (718-997-5600)

Section 4: Essay
In a well-constructed essay of approximately 500 words, tell the TIME-2000 Project staff about yourself, your interest in and commitment to the teaching of mathematics. and any information not included elsewhere that you wish the staff to consider when reviewing your application (e.g., special skills and talents, physical challenge, etc.) . Please print or type your essay on a separate sheet. Make sure to include your name, signature, and date on the essay.

The statements made in this application/essay are true and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief.



Questions? Call Dr. Alice Artzt at 718-997-5169.

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