11.1- 11.2 , 1998
Joseph C. Landis, Editor


Hannah Berliner Fischhal
Abraham Cahan and Sholem Asch, 1

Alan Astro:
Wolf Wieviorka: Parisian Writer
And Forverts Contributor, 18

Seth L. Wolitz,
Der Yid Fun Bovl: Variants and Meanings, 30

Albert Waldinger:
Jacob Gordin and the Liberation of the
American Yiddish Theatre, 48

Herbert Guy Zeiden
Khazar/Kipchak Turkisms in Yiddish:
Words and Surnames, 81

Paolo Agostini:
Once Again on the Etymology of Davenen,    93

Ruth Adler:
The Psychodynamics of Y.L. Peretz’s Bilinguialism, 119

Ken Wishnia:
The Forverts Scrolls:
Yente Serdatsky’s  “A Simkhe”, 125

Jonathan Gill
The Things That You’re Liable to Read
In the Bible: The Yiddish Blackface of Porgy and Bess,  140

Jan Schwartz:
A Bintl Briv to “The Editor of the Greatest Yiddish Newspaper In the World:
Yoyne Rozenfeld’s Conflict with Abraham Cahan, 1934-1944,   152

Vladimir Tumanov:
Novelizing Myth in Sholem Asch’s Moses,   162

Joseph C. Landis:
When Peretz Erred: Peretz, Vladeck, and Rosenfeld,    185

Boruch Charney Vladeck:
Pencil Notes: Morris Rosenfeld,   193

Book Reviews:
Dafna Clifford:
The Stories of David Bergelson, 200

Jonathan Gill:
Thinking in Jewish, 205

Joseph A. Kanofsky
Shadows on the Hudson,   207

Scott Mendel
Re-Dressing the Canon, 211

Books Received, 216


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