14. Modern Jewish Studies
Hispanic Jewish Literature: A Double Issue

(Yiddish Vol 15, 1-2, 2007)

Joseph Landis, Editor

Evelyn Avery and Nora Glickman Associate Editors


Albert Waldinger,
“The Repatriation of Sephardi” , 3

Monique R. Balbuena, Sepharad in Brazil:
Between the Metaphorical and the Literal in
Entre Moisés e Macunaima, 31

Dennis A. Klein
“The Jews of Nineteenth Century Spain according to Historical Fact and Selected Novelists” , 45

Naomi Lindstrom,

“Latin American Jewish Writing in the U.S.: An examination of categories”, 60

Laura Felleman Fattal
“Ruminating on Rupture: Unraveling Metallic Threads in the Work of Gertrude Goldschmidt (Gego) , 70

David William Foster,
Photography and Memory in Marcelo Brodsky’s Buena Memoria, 90

Annette H. Levine
A Mother’s Mourning in the Aftermath of the AMIA Bombing: Sojia Kaplinsky , 116
Guterman’s Vignettes

Book and Film Reviews:
Nora Glickman:
“J-18” Directed by Daniel Burman, et.al. , 129

Annette H. Levine,
Sofia Kaplinsky, Guterman, Detras del vidrio, 132,

Manuel Garcia Castellon:
“Lopez-Calvo, Ignacion, Religion y Militarismo en la obra
de Marcos Aguinis 1963—2000 , 137

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