YIDDISH  (VOL. 6. No. 4, 1987)

Joseph C. Landis Editor

Chaim Chertok:
Ozik’s Hoofprints, 5

Billy Tussell Thompson
Jews in Hispanic Proverbs, 13

Aaron Lichtenstein:
Reading Michelangelo’s Genesis Ceiling, 22

Gene Bluestein:
The Revival Of Kelzmer Music, 29

Richard Pearce:
Looking back at Augie March, 35

Jean Jofen and Elisheva Carlebach:
 Shylock’s Bond Reevaluated, 41

Silvia Huberman Scholnick:
Money Versus Mitzvot:
The Figure of the Businessman in Novels by American Jewish Writers, 48

Seth L.Wolitz:
A Yiddish Modernist Dirge: Ki Kupe of Perets Markish, 56

Leslie Field:
Meuer Levin’s The Old Bunch: Children of the Immigrants, 73

Ruth Adler:
Mothers and Daughters: The Jewish Mother as Seen by American Jewish Women Writers, 87
Sally Ann Drucker:
Chaim Potok’s Book of Lights and the Jewish American Writing, 99

Bonnie Lyons:
Seeing and Suffering in  The Pawnbroker and Mr. Sammler’s Planet, 114

Nora Glickman:
La Prensa de los judios,  by Daniel Ajzen-Wajsfeld, 122

Diane J. Forbes:
The Ark Upon the Number. by José Kozer, 124


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