CIRCE in the Environmental Community

As a new institute CIRCE joins dozens of other organizations with interests in protecting and improving the ecosystems within and around New York City. CIRCE does not intend to either duplicate or replace ongoing environmental activities but seeks to play an integrating role to help the entire New York community achieve a better understanding of the natural environment around us and of how it contributes to our well-being.

CIRCE’s outlook is pragmatic, recognizing that in our area none of the green spaces, bays, shores, lakes or rivers are now in a natural state. They have all been impacted by human activities that have resulted in a wide range of ecological insults ranging from ecological restructuring to complete destruction. All of these areas are now under some form of management, the beneficial aspects of which rang from the wholly artificial manicured lawns of Central Park to the protected and recovering wetlands of Jamaica Bay. CIRCE aims to help the science community provide tools for urban planning and environmental management so that the direction of management of these resources is toward sustainable biodiversity. In seeking to define its own niche in the community of environmental organizations, CIRCE will:
• Facilitate interdisciplinary studies among CUNY campuses
• Assist with proposal development for research on the urban environment
• Stimulate educational programs about our local ecosystems, habitats and wildlife.
• Support studies of New York’s biodiversity and natural history
• Organize symposia and seminars both for specialists and for the public
• Assist environmental advocacy groups.
• Foster and advance a sense of stewardship of environmental resources


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