The CIRCE Mission

The overarching mission of CIRCE is to foster education and research that will enhance the quality of life of New Yorkers. It seeks to enhance public awareness of the need for continually improving the natural environment and quality-of-life values through education and public outreach, while simultaneously conducting and facilitating research on the environment and on environmental and public policy issues directed toward preserving and enhancing natural environmental elements in and around New York. The Institute will be a world-class force for urban environmental science and education.

CIRCE seeks to encourage and raise public awareness of the challenges of living in the densely populated environment of New York while maintaining a desirable quality of life and preserving the integrity of the environment. A challenge for CIRCE is to inculcate knowledge and insights about the complex interactions of the urban environment gained from research, both its own and that conducted by others, into the awareness of the general public and thus into public policy decisions. Both research and information dissemination, therefore, are important aspects of the Institute’s work.

Natural history, such as descriptive studies of New York’s natural environment, is central to the mission of CIRCE. However, descriptive studies are not sufficient to understand how ecosystems need to be managed as conditions impacting them change. Thus, CIRCE has a forward-looking approach that aims at advancing this needed understanding for the betterment of New York’s natural systems.


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