Department of Political Science, Queens College

What Kind of Jobs Can I Get as a Political Science Major?

Iím about to graduate! What do I do? I need a job!

Step 1:
Ideally, you should do an internship in the summer before your senior year. And ideally, you should do this in an area where you are interested in getting a job after graduation. But donít panic if you have neglected to do so.

If thereís time, consider getting an internship in the PSCI department or through the Center for Career Engagement and Internship.

Step 2: Work on your resume to make sure it is a good step forward and perfect the art of the cover letter.

Schedule an appointment with Mr. Mark Klein to work on your resume and cover letter.

Step 3: Getting good references from professors and/or employers who know you the best.

Step 4: Apply for jobs (see further below).

Step 5: Ready for that interview?

Whenever you need help, always remember to check out the links at the collegeís Center for Career Engagement and Internships:

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On-Campus Recruitment

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