Department of Political Science, Queens College

What Kind of Jobs Can I Get as a Political Science Major?

What happens after a degree in political science? Our graduates go on to careers that harness their civic engagement, their awareness and understanding of power dynamics, their critical thinking ability, and the oral and written communication skills they learned and honed in the QC Political Science department. Here are some of their careers:

Government and Public Service
    Employee in a federal, state or city government agencies
    Staff member to an elected official in the state assembly, state senate or Congress
    Policy or political analyst for a government agency or legislature
    Member of the foreign service
    Elected official, e.g., a city councilman, state assemblyman, Congressman or Senator

    Legal assistant or paralegal
    Compliance officer or inspector
    Police officer, federal agent or other enforcement officer
Politics and Public Policy
    Political consultant or pollster
    Policy analyst or researcher
    Campaign staff

Private Sector
    Government affairs director
    Events coordinator/director
    Human resources manager
    Business men or women

    Survey researcher
    Data analyst
    Market research analyst
    Marketing manager

Public Relations
    PR representative
    Campaign worker
    Press release writer
    Government relations director

    School teacher
    School administrator
    College professor

Communication and Journalism
    Communication director
    Content writer
    Reporter or media production assistant
    Social media manager

    Program coordinator
    Development officer
    Community organizer
    Member of an advocacy groups (e.g., about the environment, human rights, etc.)

Finance and Insurance
    Compliance officer
    Loan officer
    Claims officer
    Financial analyst

Intelligence and Security
    Intelligence analyst
    Military analyst
    National security officer
    Security specialist, including cyber security

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