Department of Political Science, Queens College

Minor Requirements:

Students should take at least 18 credits in political science, including:

1. No fewer than two and no more than three of the following introductory Courses:Political Science 100 American Government and Politics; 101 Principles of Political Science; 102 Current Political Controversies; 103 Comparative Politics; 104 International Politics; and 105 Political Theory.

2. 9-12 elective credits (either three or four 200-level courses, deprending on the number of 100-level courses taken)

PSCI 200 and/or a seminar are not required, but may be taken for credit towards the minor.

Transfer students who plan to major in political science may use up to 6 transfer credits towards the minor, regardless of the number of political science credits earned at other institutions. A minimum of 12 credits must be taken in the department.

Declaring a Minor in Political Science
All students wishing to minor in political science must fill out a Minor Concentration Form, have it approved by a Political Science Faculty Advisor and submit the approved form to the department office prior to applying for graduation. The department will not approve students for graduation without this form.