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ISS/Fair 2005 Queens College/Queens High Schools
Principal Sponsor

School Agenda — Schedule:
Feb 1 - Feb 11:
1) In High Schools, Announce ISS/Fair 2005: STUDENT RUBRIC given to Students.
2) Initial Student Research re: Selection of Topics.
3) Students prepare and submit first draft of research plan.
4) Teacher returns draft of plan to students with comments.
5) Students submit revised final plans to teachers.
6) Students Project Investigations begin.
Feb 14
Required HS Registration with QC ISS/Fair 2005 Committee. Extended to March 23.
Feb 14-Mar 25:
At High Schools: Student Project Investigations are implemented. [HS Registration by March 23.]
March 28-April 8:
Students complete their Project summations and prepare display boards for their school competitions.
April 4 - 15:
Evaluation of Science Projects in High Schools by Teacher Committees. Using the ISS/Fair Assessment Rubric, teachers select the 3 best projects of their school to be exhibited at Queens College.
April 20 
Deadline for Registration for School Project Finalists to be submitted to Queens College.
May 3 
Deadline for Project & Abstract Registration Form of the 3 best school projects to be submitted to Queens College.
May 12: 
Exhibition at Queens College of Winning Student Exhibits:
ISS/Fair for Spring 2005
of best school projects are exhibited at Queens College, Includes:
• Visits to College research laboratories
• Luncheon and Awards Ceremony for students, teachers and parents.

General Criteria and Limitations on Research:

Only ninth and tenth graders are eligible to submit projects.

Students may work on projects alone or in pairs (no more than 2 students per project).

Research Categories:
• Projects are 'Hands-on, Minds-on' investigations in which data are collected and analyzed.
No Internet Search projects.
No Projects with human subjects including No questionnaires.
Projects with animals must follow NYCSEF research guidelines.

ISS/Fair 2005 Standards-Based Rubric for teacher and student reference to be widely distributed to students during the planning of their projects.

Submitted projects should include a display board with data including:
Title in the form of the Inquiry Question investigated
• Actual procedure followed
• Analysis, conclusions and new questions arising from your investigation.
• Student investigators will also submit a Detailed Project Abstract including all the above elements.

Suggested Investigative Subjects: - But you are not limited to these:
Student's Urban Environment: qualities of air, water, space, traffic and housing
Behavior of plants, animals and birds
Simple objects: liquids, pendula, springs, the interactions of light with lenses, mirrors
Properties of Matter in solids, liquids or gases
Energy and Power: electrical energy, solar energy and energy efficiencies in the home, the City or in transportation.

– The ISS/Fair 2005 Planning Committee:
  Mark Miksic, Co-Organizer, Queens College
  Thomas Strekas, Dean, Math & Sciences QC
  Steven Schwarz, Asst. Dean, Math & Sciences QC  
  Steve Berman, Bayside High School
  Marianita Damari, Region 3
Norman Cohn, Co-Organizer, Franklin K. Lane HS
Michael Renna, Hillcrest High School
Susan Brustein, Townsend Harris HS
Robert Soel, John Bowne HS
Diane Pillersdorf, Region 5

FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL: Mark Miksic at 718-997-3379