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ISS/Fair 2005 Queens College/Queens High Schools

Student Project & Abstract Registration Form
*** [Return to Queens College by May 3, 2005] ***

Name of Research Project — in an Inquiry Question Form,
e.g. "Which color of light will make plants grow faster?"



School Name:                                                                                       

Research Teacher:                                                                         

Research Teacher's Email:                                                              

Project Researchers (up to two per project):




Student Name:                                                                                                 


Tel. # and e-mail address:                                                                                       




Student Name:                                                                                                 


Tel. # and e-mail address:                                                                                       


ABSTRACTS: Submit, on separate pages, an abstract describing your research as completely as you can. Include the actual procedure of your research investigations, a summary of your data, and explain fully how you analyzed and arrived at your conclusions and some new questions arising from your investigation, OR submit your School Research Report making sure that it covers all these points.

Printer-friendly formats: ProjAbstractReg.pdf     ProjAbstractReg.doc

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– The ISS/Fair 2005 Planning Committee:
  Mark Miksic, Co-Organizer, Queens College
  Thomas Strekas, Dean, Math & Sciences QC
  Steven Schwarz, Asst. Dean, Math & Sciences QC  
  Steve Berman, Bayside High School
  Marianita Damari, Region 3
Norman Cohn, Co-Organizer, Franklin K. Lane HS
Michael Renna, Hillcrest High School
Susan Brustein, Townsend Harris HS
Robert Soel, John Bowne HS
Diane Pillersdorf, Region 5

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