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What is The Teacher Academy?

The Teacher Academy is an exciting new program at Queens College that is offered to academically strong undergraduates who are majoring in mathematics or one of the sciences (biology, chemistry, geology). The program focuses on preparing a new generation of exceptional teachers who will inspire middle and high school studentsí interest and help them achieve higher grades in mathematics and science.

Under the guidance of outstanding Queens College faculty and mentor New York City public school teachers, students will explore the dominions of mathematics and science. They will also experience the thrill of participating in a specially designed visitation program to middle and high school classes for Teacher Academy candidates.

Why The Teacher Academy?

Teacher Academy Awards:
  • Students receive FREE tuition and fees for four years, while working toward a bachelorís degree in mathematics or science; they will also have the opportunity to obtain their initial certification to teach in middle and/or high school.

  • Mathematics students will partake in TIME 2000 a respected mathematics education program at Queens College and complete requirements of the Teacher Academy as an added component to their studies.

  • Stipends for internships at Host Schools during the school year and summer.

  • Preferential consideration for positions in math and science in New York City public secondary schools upon completion of the four-year program.
Note: Students must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 throughout their years at Queens College to remain in the Teacher Academy.

Other benefits include:
  • Acquiring deep experience and knowledge of the teaching and learning process through guided experiences in NYC Host Schools each year.

  • Learning from experienced mentor teachers, who work closely with students and Queens College faculty to bridge academics to Middle and High School teaching practice.

  • Learning with other students in shared seminars, courses, and activities.

  • Receiving strong academic and advisement support services.
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Why the Teacher Academy at Queens College?

What Queens College Offers Students in the Teacher Academy:
  • Global Education. Great Campus. Real Community.
    Queens College consistently receives high ratings for the quality of its programs and the excellence of its faculty in the Princeton Review and U.S News and World Report college guides. It is also a site for the CUNY Honors College.
    Situated on an attractive 77-acre campus in Flushing, Queens College is easily accessible by car and public transportation. Our students (over 17,000 of them) hail from 140 different countries and speak 66 languages. Advanced instructional facilities include a state-of-the-art computer center, high-tech laboratories, wireless Internet access, and a multi-million dollar library. The campus features a Student Union that is home to more than 100 clubs and organizations. We also have a full program of varsity and intramural athletics, as well as professional and student-produced plays, concerts, dances, and art exhibitions.

  • TIME 2000
    A nationally recognized program, TIME 2000 features monthly seminars, peer and faculty advisement, presentations by top teachers and working mathematicians, tutoring opportunities, and professional mathematics teacher conferences. Teacher Academy math students will benefit by participating jointly in the experiences of TIME 2000 in addition to activities planned exclusively for TA students. (For more info visit www.qc.edu/time2000)

  • Seconday Science Teacher Certification
    Queens Collegeís Secondary Science Teacher Certification programs understand that all learning occurs within a social, cultural, economic, and political context. We stress teaching through scientific inquiry and activities that are relevant to students and to their lives. Our programs encourage students to construct their own scientific knowledge, acquire science process skills and dispositions, and engage in reflective dialogue that validates what they have learned.
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Are you eligible?

The Teacher Academy admits exceptional students who have:
  • High overall high school average

  • High grades in mathematics and science courses

  • High Regents scores in math and science subjects

  • High SAT scores

  • Strong recommendations (at least one from a math or science teacher)

  • Demonstrated interest in teaching

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  • Department Of Education's Commitment to Students
    The New York City Department of Education commits that each new teacher placed in a New York City public school will receive one-on-one mentoring to ensure success in the classroom. Teacher Academy students will develop and maintain a network of fellow graduates and former faculty for guidance while on the job.

  • Commitment from Students
    To retain the Teacher Academy scholarship, students must, at the end of their first year of study, commit to working in a high-need New York City public school for at least two years after graduation.
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