Mathematical Design, Spring 2023
Using the Makerspace

During the course of this semester we will be interacting with the Queens College Makerspace, a place of wonder and creativity on Floor 1 of the library.

About the Makerspace

Before you can use the Makerspace, you need to go through an orientation to the space. This is a 30–45 minute walkthrough of the space in which you learn about the different machines and the policies of the space. After you've completed the orientation, you have access to the space whenever it is open!

Additional Certification

Certain machines need an additional orientation before you can use them without supervision. In particular, if you want to use the laser cutter, you will need to have an additional certification process where you learn how to use this machine safely.

Your role as a maker

The Makerspace is a place for exploration, experimentation, and productive failure. This means that you will be spending time by yourself and with your classmates to understand how to use the machines and how to get the machines to give you your desired output. This will require initiative on your part to read manuals, watch instructional videos, practice with the machines, prototype, and (if hours of research fail) ask for help from your instructor. It is essential that you pay attention in class when the functionality of the machines is explained, take notes, internalize the techniques, and practice the techniques on your own time.

The Makerspace Staff is NOT there to do your project for you. The Staff can give you basic advice about how the machines work, and may guide you to physical and online resources, but it is up to you to put in the time to learn how to use the machines yourself or seek out help from your classmates and instructor.