Mathew B. Bradbury Ph.D

Mathew Bradbury Ph.D. Economics, University of Utah 2008.
City University of New York

Curriculum Vitae

  History of Economic Thought

Research: Macroeconomics and Monetary Economics, Political Economy, Soverign Debt Risk/Sustainability.

  International Political Economy
  History of Economic Thought
  Business Economics
  Money & Banking
  Corporate Finance


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Mathew Bradbury. (2012)."Overheating in Argentina: Inflaiton, Monetary Policy and Growth Sustainability." Working Paper.

Mathew Bradbury. (2009)"Intra-regional Financial Flows in Latin America: How Can Regional Financial Institutions Help?" (in progress)

Mathew Bradbury. (2008). Reserve Accumulation and External Imbalances: Impetus and Implications Working Paper.

Mathew Bradbury and Matias Vernengo. (2008). Limits to Dollarization in Ecuador: Lessons From Argentina.Journal of World Systems Research. Spring 2011, Vol 17 Issue 2, p447-462.

Book Reviews

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