Introduction to the Fundamentals of Chemistry using technology and Hands-On Experiments

My Students:
Do you remember what it was like sitting in your Chemistry classroom unengaged by your teacher's instruction? Thinking to yourself this topic doesn't relate to me at all. My class is struggling to make real life connections with the majority of our lessons due to the lack of supplemental resources. Hence, the urgent need of these technological resources.

I teach 3 different Chemistry Classes that consist of 115 students from various cultures, religions, and backgrounds. The population of poverty among my students are approximately 90%. The dynamics of my classroom consist of hard work, fun, and dedication. The students really strive to achieve excellence, but due to their lack of resources, English proficiency and understanding of America's educational system, they struggle to make connections that will lead to better grades especially in their Chemistry Class.

My Project: I have requested an IPad with accessories, a Chemistry Model Kit, and 3 Elements, Mixtures & Compounds Kits to help my students comprehend the basic content of Chemistry with hands-on experience and 3-D visuals. This approach will increase their motivation to learn in a fun and enriching way. With the requested resources the students will be able to apply their lectured learning (teacher guided) scaffolded with the molecular model kit to real-life activities (visual images of molecules in 3-D) as well as practical applications using hands-on activities. The students will be able to participate in innovative, engaging and reinforcing activities to help them retain the information presented during whole group instruction for the lesson that compares and contrasts Elements, Mixtures & Compounds. Students will also be able to successfully prepare for the state REGENTS assessment that will be given at the end of the school year. The students will be able to use these resources to make connections with visual images and text reinforcement (seeing the information in a different way).

Those who donate should know that they are helping to create MOTIVATED LIFE LEARNERS!!! The support from all of my donors will be rewarded by the students' performance on the state mandated assessment (Regents) at the end of the year.

My Students Need an IPad and accessories, a Chemistry Model Kit and three Elements, Mixtures & Compounds Kits.






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Chemistry Model Kit                                                                                                                            School Masters                                             $135.00             1                                  $135.00    


Elements, Compounds & Mixtures Kit                                                                                          School Masters                                               $81.07              3                                 $243.21

(40 Student Kit)                                                                                                                           Science


                                                                                                                                                                Vendor shipping charges(Best Buy)               $12.00

                                                                                                State sales tax                 $0.00

                                                                  3rd party payment processing fee                 $9.71

                                                                           Fulfillment labor & materials               $30.00

                      Project cost excluding donation to support           $1077.42

                                            Optional donation to support            $122.58

                       Project cost including donation to support           $1200.00

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