Answer Key
Elements, Mixtures & Compounds
1. According to the poem, what are the three forms in which matter is found?
    Matter is found as Elements, Mixtures & Compounds
2. In which form is matter most commonly found?
3. What are the main differences between elements, compounds, and mixtures?
    Elements cannot be broken down (They are made of atoms)
    Mixtures combine more than one substance with no chemical change
    Compounds form from 2 or more elements and their chemical properties change
4. Why is it that when you mix salt and water together, “It will still be salty and wet?”
    No chemical change occurs, they are still salt and water.
5. Hydrogen is an explosive gas, and oxygen supports combustion? How is it possible, then, for     water, which is composed of hydrogen and oxygen, to put out fires? Quote the lines in the         poem that explain this.
    "As chemicals combine, Their particles rearranged, To Form some different substances,
    Their properties change."
6. Indicate whether each of the following describes an element, compound, or mixture:
a. Composed of more than one substance - Mixture
b. Simple substance that can’t be broken down - Element
c. Has different properties than the substances that compose it? - Compound
d. Gold - Element
e. Air - Mixture
f. Juice - Mixture
g. Sugar - Compound
h. Oxygen - Element
i. Table Salt - Compound

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