Bill Haddican

I work on language change and syntax, especially in dialects of Basque and English.

I am currently a researcher on the ANR-funded To2No project, based at IKER-CNRS (Irantzu Epelde, coordinator), examining variation and change in allocutive marking in Basque dialects. I'm also a member of the Basque & Beyond research group (Beatriz Fernández, PI).

My recent work on variation in English has been as a collaborator with the Corpus of New York City English (CoNYCE) research group along with Cece Cutler, Michael Newman Beatrice Santorini and Christina Tortora (lead PI). From 2018-2022 I was co-PI on NSF-funded project supporting this work: "Collaborative Research: A Corpus of New York City English: Audio-Aligned and Parsed" (BCS-1630274).

Downloadable papers:
[to appear] Some implications of again-modification for the syntax of English particle verb constructions (pre-publication draft). Syntax.

[to appear] Change in root restrictions on Basque allocutivity (with Irantzu Epelde, Urtzi Etxeberria and Ricardo Etxepare, pre-publication draft). Journal of Historical Syntax.

[2022] Cot in the Act: Speaker Ethnicity Conditions Lexical Identification in the Context of the Low-Back Merger in New York City English (with Omar Ortiz). Penn Working Papers in Linguistics.

[2022] The formal heterogeneity of allocutivity (with Deepak Alok). Glossa.

[2022] Embedded allocutivity in Basque (with Urtzi Etxeberria). Syntax.

[2022] Cross-speaker covariation across six vocalic changes in New York City English (with Michael Newman, Cecelia Cutler and Christina Tortora). American Speech.

[2021] Aspects of change in New York City English short-a (with Michael Newman, Cecelia Cutler and Christina Tortora). Language Variation and Change.

[2020] Variation and Change in the Particle Verb Alternation across English Dialects (with Daniel Ezra Johnson, Joel Wallenberg, and Anders Holmberg). A festschrift for Jenny Cheshire.

[2020] Toward a unified analysis of Addressee in C. Revue Roumaine de Linguistique.

[2019] Object symmetry effects in Germanic: Evidence for the role of case (with Anders Holmberg). Natural Language and Linguistic Theory.

[2018] Almost everyone in New York is rasing PRICEs (with Michael Newman and Zi Zi Gina Tan). Penn Working Papers in Linguistics.

[2018] The syntax of Basque allocutive clitics. Glossa.

[2018] Truncation feeds intervention: Two clause type effects in Basque (with Arantzazu Elordieta). Natural Language and Linguistic Theory.

[2017] Repairing Final-Over-Final Constraint Violations: Evidence from Basque verb clusters (with Ricardo Etxepare). In, Laura R. Bailey and Michelle Sheehan (eds.) Order and Structure in Syntax. Language Sciences Press.

[2016] Constant effects and the independence of variants in controlled judgment data (with Dan Johnson, and Nanna Haug Hilton). Linguistic Variation.

[2016] The diffusion of the low back merger in New York City (with Daniel Ezra Johnson, Michael Newman and Faith Kim). NWAV 45 poster.

[2016] Strategies of Verb and Verb Phrase Focus across Basque Dialects (with Arantzazu Elordieta). In Microparameters in the Grammar of Basque, edited by Beatriz Fernandez and Jon Ortiz de Urbina.

[2015] Word-level distributions and structural factors co-determine GOOSE fronting. (with Soskuthy, M., Foulkes, P., Hay, J. & Hughes, V.) Proceedings of ICPhS, Glasgow.

[2015] Change in the Syntax and Semantics of be like quotatives (with Eytan Zweig and Daniel Ezra Johnson). In Syntax over time, CUP.

[2015] A note on Basque vocative clitics. In Ibon Sarasola, Gorazarre.

[2014] Focus effects on particle placement in English and the left periphery of PP (with Daniel Ezra Johnson). Proceedings of NELS 43.

[2014] Four kinds of object symmetry (with Anders Holmberg). in Complex Visibles Out There. Proceedings of the Olomouc Linguistics Colloquium 2014: Language Use and Linguistic Structure.

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[2013] Social correlates of two vowel changes in Northern England (with Vincent Hughes, Hazel Richards and Paul Foulkes). Language Variation and Change.

[2013] Asymmetrical trajectories: The past and present of -body/-one (with Alex D'Arcy, Hazel Richards, Sali Tagliamonte and Ann Taylor). Language Variation and Change.

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[2012] Effects on the Particle Verb Alternation across English Dialects (with Daniel Ezra Johnson). Penn Working Papers in Linguistics--Proceedings of NWAV 40.

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