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Center for Jewish Studies Publications

The Center for Jewish Studies has a growing number of significant academic publications, of interest to scholars and laymen alike. The complete list appears below; several publicationcovers are also reprinted below.

These publications are mailed free as they are published to all
paid-up members of the Friends of the Center membership
support group. To join, call the Center office at 718-997-5730.
Individual publications may be purchased directly from the
Center. If you wish to obtain a specific publication, please contact
the Center, either by calling the number above, or by email
The Herbert Berman Memorial Lecture

Israel Singer, Holocaust Era Assets: The Moral Perspective, November
17, 1999
Elisheva Carlebach, The Death of Simon Abeles: Jewish-Christian
Tension in Seventeenth-Century Prague, November 7, 2001
Suzanne Last Stone, Between Truth and Trust: The False Prophet as
Self-Deceiver?, October 29, 2003

Occasional Papers

Geoffrey Hartman, Holocaust Testimony, Videography and Education,
The Marvin and Celina Zborowski Endowment Lecture, May 2, 2001
Warren Zev Harvey, Maimonides’ Political Philosophy and Its
Relevance for the State of Israel Today, The Dean Ernest Schwarcz
Memorial Lecture, November 15, 2001
Feige Kaplan, Should We Be Moaning About Cloning? Opportunities
and Concerns in the New Genetics, The Dr. William Weil and Dr.
Martha Weil Memorial Lecture, March 6, 2002
Jenna Weissman Joselit, From Ghetto to Suburb: American Jews on
the Move, 1880s–1950s, The Jack, Louis and Ida, and Rose
Lummer Memorial Lecture, October 8, 2003
Warren Zev Harvey, Judah Halevi‘s Political Philosophy and Its
Relevance for the State of Israel Today, The Dean Ernest Schwarcz
Memorial Lecture, November 19, 2003

Conference/Symposium Proceedings
Moses Maimonides: Communal Impact and Historic Legacy:
Proceedings of an International Symposium, November 16, 2003,
edited by Benny Kraut [Essays by Professors David Berger, Jane S.
Gerber, Warren Zev Harvey, and Allan Nadler]
The Enduring Legacy of Yitzchok Leybush Peretz:Proceedings of A
Literary and Cultural Symposium, March 27, 2005 edited by Benny
Kraut [Essays by Professors Chava Lapin, Emanuel S. Goldsmith,
Dan Miron, and Ken Frieden]

Queens College Journal of Jewish Studies: A Student Publication

Volume I Spring 1999 Michael Adler & Daniel Chung, eds.
Volume II Spring 2000 Elana Ducat & Malka Epstein, eds.
Volume III Spring 2001 Dena Bieler & Leah Rabinovits, eds.
Volume IV Spring 2002 Rifka Libman Schulman & Justin
Engel, eds.
Volume V Spring 2003 Rebecca Finkel & Deborah Kahan, eds.
Volume VI Spring 2004 Nicole Iny & Russel Neiss, eds.
Volume VII Spring 2005 Michael Gutman & Bracha Feit, eds.
Volume VIII Spring 2006 David Greenberg & Lauren Talerman, eds.

Purchase price of publications, including shipping:

The Herbert Berman Memorial Lectures $ 4.00 each
Occasional Papers - $ 4.00 each
Conference/Symposium Proceedings
Maimonides Conference - $12.00
Peretz Symposium- $ 7.00
Student Journal of Jewish Studies
(Volumes I–-VIII) $13.00 each $ 27