At the close of his keynote address at last year’s CUNY General Education Conference, Lee Shulman, President of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, proposed the development of a set “signature pedagogies” for Liberal Education which “are designed to transform knowledge attained to knowledge-in-use, and to create the basis for new kinds of understanding that can only be realized experientially and reflectively.” The 3rd Annual Conference will take up Shulman’s challenge. Accordingly, it will focus the attempts across CUNY to transform the pedagogies and programs of General Education.

We invite faculty from all CUNY campuses to submit proposals for individual presentations, panels, or workshops. Particular consideration will be given to interactive sessions and sessions across campuses, and issues in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, such as:

  • Engaging students as knowledge makers
  • Project and community based learning
  • Visible Knowledge Projects
  • Innovative uses of new media and instructional technologies
  • Integrated learning
  • Pedagogical projects in the disciplines
  • The challenge of “gateway” courses
  • Teaching in multi-cultural classrooms
  • Academic and support services and general education

Proposals are due March 15

Please email the following information to

  • Presentation or Session Title
  • Presenter(s)
  • College, Department/Division
  • Narrative (no more than 250 words)

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