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HIST 104: United States History 1865-Present

Frank Warren

(Submission #44)

Course Description

Through a concentration on historiography, the course explores how historians develop arguments and interpretations. In that way, students learn how history is “done,” and have the opportunity in their written assignments to actively evaluate the results. The time period which covers industrialization and its attendant problems and the emergence of the United States as a world power offers students the opportunity to see the emergence of new social structures and to focus of the responses of differing economic, ethnic, and gender group to the new forces.


Area of Knowledge and Inquiry: Analyzing Social Structures (SS)
Context of Experience: United States (US)
Extended Requirement: Not Applicable

Additional Course information

Credits: 3
Prerequisites: none
Existing Course: Existing
Existing Course Number: 104
Course Anticipated to be offered: Every Semester
Other (if specified): 
Number of Sections: 5 - 6
Number of Seats: 40 - 55 (unless W)


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